Easy & Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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If you wonder how to drive traffic to your website, read our post which contains seven effective and powerful tactics that you can use for your business.

Many entrepreneurs face the problem of low website traffic. It seems like they’ve done everything possible but still experience difficulties while trying to engage the audience and drive them to blogs and online stores. Such problems have a terrible influence on sales rates and business development.

Every business needs to increase rankings, conversion, and profitability. If you want to change your current situation and start getting more sales, keep reading our easy tips which will help you boost your website traffic.

#1 Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the most effective ways to spread brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. It’s not surprising, considering the immense number of social media users worldwide – adding up to just about 3.2 billion people.


Social media marketing allows you to communicate directly with your target audience, measure and analyze feedback, and research the interests of your prospects. It’s the perfect way to drive users to your site. User reactions affect website traffic. The more likes and shares your content gets on social media, the more people will follow links to your site, directly increasing your website traffic.

The more, the merrier?

It’s essential to provide the right content to the right audience, as well as to consider who might find your products and services interesting. Don’t try to cover a wide audience with content that doesn’t correlate much with your brand. Misdirecting your efforts towards markets that hold no interest in what you are offering will only succeed in costing your website traffic and sales. The less time users spend on your site, only increases your bounce rating, while simultaneously lowering your ranking.

Paid Campaigns

Ads and paid campaigns in the social media sphere are the most effective tactics. They allow you to get views and promote your brand to numerous social platform users. The main advantage is you can specify, among others, the age, sex, and location of the people to whom your advertisement will be shown.

#2 Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click campaigns, or sometimes called cost-per-click campaigns, are widely used by marketers all over the world. With some paid advertisements, it’s hard to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, as not every campaign brings instant results.

However, with PPCs, you can see the outcome of your investments as soon as someone clicks on your advertisement. In other words, you buy entries instead of waiting for entries from an organic search. It gives you an opportunity to save your money, while still boosting traffic to your site and generating leads.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads is the most popular system used for PPC campaigns. Every time someone searches for something on Google, it picks the winners from a pool of advertisers, based upon quality score and highest bid. Quality score is a metric which determines if your ad is useful and suitable, depending on its landing page, relevance, and click-through-rates. The most relevant ads with the highest bids get the best positions in search results.

A note to consider: Simply running a PPC is not enough. You need to be attentive to keyword choices, provide high-quality content and excellent CTAs. As your content grows more relevant, the higher your conversion rates will be.

#3 Webinars & Video Content

Entertaining educational content grows rapidly by promoting brands through direct advertising. Through this form of brand promotion, search engines index videos faster and rank attached links higher in searches. You will attract interested, qualified leads by utilizing suitable keywords, titles, and transcripts. Meanwhile, host videos on platforms, like YouTube and Vimeo with links to your site and CTA attached at the bottom.

Videos are highly popular nowadays due to qualities, like:

  • Containing quality information
  • Clarity
  • Briefness
  • Availability

More and more brands use videos as a way to promote their products and services. According to research by Renderforest, video content helps drive traffic from searches by 41%. They are shared on social media, get more entries from organic searches, and can be posted on different platforms and related sites. It makes video creation one of the most effective ways to spread brand awareness.

A tip: Insert sharing buttons so that users can share your content on social media channels. This will boost your website traffic even more.

Marketers also highly recommend running webinars, as they promote brands well through educational content. Collaborating with influencers for your webinars can open a dialogue and establish trust with your target audience.

#4 Competitions & Giveaways

Who doesn’t love giveaways? They are meant to convert more people to your brand and boost traffic to your site. By organizing giveaways and competitions with prizes, gift cards, or bonuses, you can:

  • Grow your email list
  • Boost engagement on social media
  • Establish trust with your audience
  • Promote your products and services
  • Generate leads
  • Get positive reviews and testimonials

You can place information about the contests and giveaways you hold on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. This type of content is not only shared highly, but it also drives many people to your site, who are interested in winning.

You can also share information about your contests on theme-related platforms, and drive traffic to your site from them. For example, EssayTigers held a contest in which all amateur writers could participate. By utilizing the ability to spread information on dedicated forums, social media, educational platforms, and Reddit, they were able to engage more than 1,500 writers and bloggers, and boost traffic by 30% in three weeks.

#5 Email-Marketing

Most entrepreneurs think that emails are out-of-date. However, when it comes to email marketing, one can’t disagree with their effectiveness. Many companies spend time developing their email strategies and state how this is one of the most powerful tools that business owners can use for generating and nurturing leads, while at the same time, driving traffic to their respective sites.

When a person subscribes to your news, they expect both useful and valuable content, announcements, and information. That’s why providing information with your target audience’s interest in mind will capture their attention, when using a witty subject line. Think of it as a freshly wrapped present. You want your subscribers to unwrap it, right? So make it attractive.

How to drive-up traffic from emails?

Don’t send 42 paragraph-long emails – keep them brief and informative. Add a link to your site with more detailed information about the products or services you provide. This way you can hook individuals with an interesting offer and bring them to your site, which boosts traffic.

Use the various sales funnel stages in your emails, along with appropriately placed information, to drive your audience where you are trying to lead them. Create targeted and suitable content to increase the chances of your audience following your links.

#6 Guest Posting

Guest posting is a way to spread your word. Use it if you have something to tell and you can do it well. While it is more common practice for bloggers, stores can also use this technique as a means of spreading awareness about their products, and their ability to resolve issues.

Guest posts are mutually profitable – they not only promote brands, the sites which publish their posts also generates an increase in traffic.

Don’t be afraid to search for sites which specialize in your sphere of business and offer your articles.

#7 Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are spread wide and far nowadays. They are effective, relatively cheap, and easy to manage. They are tightly connected with PPCs because you pay only for actual clicks.

Affiliate programs give you an opportunity to reach the audience, while still focusing on other things you need to do, as they don’t require constant management. Affiliate programs also permit you to integrate your links into trustworthy content, that boosts the authority and reliability of your site.

So, these are the seven most effective tactics, which marketers use throughout the world. You can use them separately or along a complex array of different methods. Try these tips out, and you will definitely see a positive increase in your traffic.



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