These Are The Top 5 Hacks On How To Create Content That Converts

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Reaching a point of conversation makes it easier for your business to convert leads into customers and establishes relationships faster. Here's how to leverage content marketing for your benefit:

If you are a business owner you will certainly already be aware of the major role online marketing plays in promoting and attracting more potential customers to your brand and products or services. If this is the case, you would also have noticed the importance content plays in your marketing mix. As you’ve probably already heard, content truly IS king! It’s all around us and it has no plans of leaving! On the contrary, the quantity and quality of content on the web is increasing and reaching new record highs.

Content marketing is especially important in B2B, although it is widely used in B2C marketing strategies as well. Research carried out by the Content Marketing Institute demonstrates that 88% of organizations used content marketing as a key tactic for attracting leads. If you think about the amount of content you are facing every single day, you will see that this is a normal result and that businesses have now seen the value of creating more high-engaging content.

High-Engaging Content?

That’s right. Creating content is great but it’s important that we ask ourselves the question – what is the purpose of this content? Well, for most businesses focusing on content strategy, the ultimate goal is to convert more leads into actual customers. This means that the content created must have a clear objective, should be engaging and interesting to read, but most importantly, should trigger a certain action in the reader’s mind. And remember, it is advisable that this action is beneficial for your business. Let’s look at e few tips on how to create content that converts!

#1 Choose Your Topic Carefully

This may seem like a cliché but it is surprising how many content creators fail to select a topic that has something valuable to provide to the reader. Choosing a topic is not simply a process of brainstorming a few cool things you would like to write about. Instead, prior to creating your new piece of content, research your current customers and see what they are interested in.

Solve A Problem

What are their problems and how can your product or service solve them? When selecting a topic, try to think about a subject that will trigger thoughts like “I need to learn more about this” or “yes, this sounds like a problem I have and this writer is experienced enough to help me”. The topic is not only the heading of your content. It is everything, from laying out its draft and structure, to deciding on the final conclusion you want to leave your readers with.

Brainstorm First

To get your topic selection going, here are a few things to think about regarding your audience:

  • What are their interests?
  • What are their needs?
  • What type of information do they read?
  • What type of language do they use?
  • What are their lifestyles?
  • What makes them feel frustration?

#2 Make Your Heading Worth It

Now that you have planned out a few valuable and relevant topics, make sure your heading shows them that the provided information will be worth their time and effort! Statistics show that 80% of readers don’t actually continue to the content but only read the headline and leave. What a waste writing your unique and in-depth content, right?

Grab Your Audience From The Start

To avoid this, make sure you grab your audience from the start. There are a few hacks you can use with headings to make sure your readers stay for the best part:

  • Asking a question
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Giving direct advice
  • Using numbers
  • Headings with a personal tone

Here are a few examples:

  • Before It Closes: The Loophole That Increases Facebook Organic Reach by 330%
  • The 23 Strategies That Can Turn Leads Into Customers, Today
  • Stop Making These 9 Email Marketing Mistakes Now

#3 Establish A Personal Relationship

Content is a great method for building relationships with your customers. It is essential in establishing legitimacy and proving that you are an expert in your field. However, the best part about content is that it lets you show your audience that you are just like them, part of the same environment, and often experience the same feelings as them.

Show Them That You Are Exactly Like Them

You sometimes share the same problems and this is exactly why you know how to solve them. You can use this hack in different parts of your content through examples or short sentences that drastically change the tone of voice to enter your reader’s tone.

GoT_Content Marketing

With this amazing example, we can see that the writer is clearly a fan of TV series and has certainly read content before that has spoiled the development of events, showing his readers that he understands them, using a personal tone of voice.

#4 Use The Power Of Emotions

Your content should have the ability to emotionally lead your readers through your post. To do this, the writer must be perfectly aware of the basic human behaviors and triggers of desire experienced while reading. Emotions are great but they are not always used for the right reasons.

Motivate Your Readers To Act

With content creation, the use of spurring emotion is to create a feeling of motivation in the reader’s mind to solve their problem or achieve their goal. Be careful though, the idea is to bring out emotions that will lead to the desire for change in a positive way, not the other way around. Some of the most powerful emotions are:

  • The sense of urgency – make them feel as if they need this information NOW
  • Fear of missing out – the sense that your readers have missed out on a massive trend or a deal that is about to expire
  • The desire to belong to a certain group – help your readers become part of what they are after as a group, society, business level, etc.

In the above example, the inspired emotion is curiosity. What is it that this service can do and are we the only ones who don’t know about this?

#5 Include A Call To Action

This is probably the most evident tip but is often underrated and missed out by content creators. Make sure that by the end of your post or another type of content, your readers have a clear call to action and a direction to follow.

Ask Your Readers To Share

For example, as them to share your content, tell a friend, get in touch with your business. You can be less direct about the call to action and enter deeper into the consciousness of your readers by asking them to do something that is not entirely related to your brand. For example, give them homework to try implementing something from your suggestions or story and get in touch to share the results? What a cool way to make conversation with your leads.


Reaching a point of conversation makes it easier for your business to convert leads into customers and establishes relationships faster.

Content creation is a brilliant 21st-century method of growing your business and attracting more targeted customers. However, it is certainly not an easy task and should be carefully thought about. In some cases, it is even advisable to professional service from someone like Handmadewritings that can help with making content drafts, proofreading, or providing other expert content services that will boost your visibility online, increase your customer engagement and ultimately, bring more sales into your business.



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