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Our Magazine is built to provide startup enthusiasts, respectively people interested in Europe’s startup community, with information in regards to trends and news in business. Our core content features innovation, startups & organizations as well as interesting personalities from the scene, tips & tricks to start your business and aims to motivate enthusiasts to take action. (We take the freedom to also feature topics which are of additional value to our readers, even if said topics do not fit into our core strategy.)

Transparency is especially important to us since it affects our readers directly. Every cooperation with a startup or startup organization is noticeable before and when reading an article. We handle collaborations without interference of third parties, meaning we are in direct contact with every partner / sponsor we have.


Sponsored articles involve paid content. Depending on the agreement between our organizations this content is either provided by our staff or our partner organization. However if that is the case it is evident through the author. We’d also like to note that we take the time to review sponsored content to ensure it is in line with the concept of StartUs Magazine and of interest for our readers.


Partner articles evolve from collaborations with startups and / or startup organizations (incubator, accelerator, co-working space etc.). These partnerships are built on mutual services, meaning the content is not paid for. Like with sponsored content we keep a wary eye on the content published.

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