The Ultimate Strategy To Boost Sales Using Lead Magnets & Remarketing

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Driving a steady stream of inexpensive yet qualified leads to your business is a dream most online marketers wish to achieve. However, one cannot attain this unless they do online marketing appropriately. Proper and effective marketing leads to an increase in sales and consequently, a good bottom line for an enterprise.

Lead magnets and remarketing are two reliable techniques which can be used by businesses of all sizes to boost sales. Unfortunately, the process is far more detailed than just collecting leads by offering subscriptions and sending them to your sales team. Let’s have a look at how you can market successfully using these two methods.

What Are Lead Magnets?

A lead magnet is a tool or a solution that you present clients with in exchange for their email. Once you get their contact info, you can now educate them about your brand or product and get them hooked on it.

Various Types Of Lead Magnets

Specific contents make for perfect lead magnet options. However, before you create one, you need to first identify your customer, build a segmented audience, come up with a value proposition, and then choose the appropriate format. Some of the tools you can use as lead magnets include:

A) White Papers

This one is persuasive, authoritative as well as an in-depth report that covers a specific topic. It presents the problem and addresses the solution. Marketers use them to educate and explain certain issues and in the end, promoting a certain methodology. So, all the customer needs to do is leave their email and they’ll get immediate access to the paper. All in all, they are ideal for capturing leads.

The Ultimate Strategy To Boost Sales Using Lead Magnets & Remarketing

B) The Cheat Sheet

They are suitable for creating an email list, and this aspect makes them more sought after. Cheat sheets contain a set of instructions on how to do something.

The Ultimate Strategy To Boost Sales Using Lead Magnets & Remarketing

C) Checklists

These are considered the easiest yet the most helpful pieces of content that marketers can create. Checklists provide customers with an actionable set of things to do to find a solution to their problems. In short, they give you the steps to doing something, maybe buying a new car, home, etc.

The Ultimate Strategy To Boost Sales Using Lead Magnets & Remarketing

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D) EBooks

There is no much difference between an eBook and a guide. An eBook should be jam-packed with information on a particular topic that will ultimately help the reader in decision making. A marketer needs to possess top-notch writing skills to create informative eBooks for their targeted audience.

The Ultimate Strategy To Boost Sales Using Lead Magnets & Remarketing

E) Combo Offers

This stands for combined offers, whereby, you have two or more great offers which do not generate the number of leads equal to the warrants of the content. Instead of scrapping them altogether, reworking the content and combining both offers would be much easier.

The Ultimate Strategy To Boost Sales Using Lead Magnets & Remarketing

When done creating the lead magnets, you need to understand the best locations on your website that is suitable to promote your lead magnets. They can be placed tactically on:

  • The landing pages
  • The thank you pages
  • The sidebar graphics
  • Email signatures
  • Pop-ups
  • Social media profiles
  • Onstage

Boosting Sales Through Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to stick a pixel or cookie to a customer’s browser such that even after they are gone, your company’s image, text or email will still show up to them whenever they are online. If the ad is tailored well, it will lead the customer back to your site once the sale is completed.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting provides an alternative way to connect to customers who could have otherwise been lost. Well, let’s say it’s like the second chance most of us ask for in relationships which if not utilized well could lead to a valuable person walking away for good.

How Exactly Can You Boost Sales Through Retargeting?

Google Remarketing

Google remarketing is one of the most used tools to retarget customers back to your website. All you need to do is create a high-quality ad, and Google will make it follow your leads on various sites. Image ads must be of good quality and be relevant to an application or website.

While still on Google remarketing, to avoid having to configure everything all the time, you can enable the “similar audiences” feature on your ad group. This will send the same ad to other individuals who share the same traits as your former leads.

Use A Tracking Code

Install a pixel or tracking code to one of several pages of your website or Facebook page. You could start off with a few pages, and if your traffic proliferates, then you can have them on other pages as well. Besides Facebook and your website, a YouTube channel is also a good place for a remarketing campaign. Some of the people you should target include those who:

  • viewed your video(s)
  • viewed your ad video
  • subscribed to your channel
  • liked, disliked, commented or shared your video

Use Google Analytics

Most of your marketing efforts are more of a guesswork game even when well-planned. Google Analytics allows you to tap into the customer’s data and know the moves they made on your website as well as their location. This takes conjecture out of the picture and lets you single out customers who are more likely to convert to various retargeted ads.

The Ultimate Strategy To Boost Sales Using Lead Magnets & Remarketing

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Proceed with moderation while experimenting with remarketing ideas. Do not bother customers too much or focus on the sale to an extent you forget to relate with your leads. Just stick to the best practices of the sales funnel, i.e. prospect for leads, cultivate a relationship, demonstrate value and finally close the deal.


There is a myriad of ways to boost sales using lead magnets and remarketing. The problem is, very few people know how to do it the right way. Lead and ads that lack customers’ needs at heart will get ignored pronto. For a successful marketing campaign employing these two strategies, you must strive to create something that is appealing enough to drag those leads back to your site to complete a sale.



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