How To Add Value To Your Customers

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How can you add value to your customers and clients? Why do they even care? And how can you impact them and others? Read more to find out!

Within the last couple of months, a good friend of mine pulled me aside to tell me about a challenge that made him think a little deeper. At the time, little did I know that the challenge he was referring to was actually initiated by me.

During this conversation, my friend wanted me to know that something I said a few months earlier had impacted him and his thinking. Hoping I didn’t say anything too outrageous or flamboyant, I tried to remember what I said. So I asked, “How did what I say impact you?” To my relief, his response was:

“You gave a simple challenge, and then followed it up with the idea to think deeper about it.”

Quite honestly, it took me a few moments to remember that initial conversation. But then it dawned on me, “Yeah, I do remember giving him the challenge to think deeper about a situation within his life, but I had no idea that it was going to make such an impact.”

In a small twist of irony, that quick conversation with my friend produced its own impact in my life, helping me realize:

Your Message Adds Value To Others.

In other words, combining your expertise with a simple message will add value to your clients, customers, and even your friends.

One simple way to add value to your clients and customers is by being an expert with a message. After all, as an expert:

  • You have a message
  • It yearns to add value to others.

As a professional, entrepreneur, or small business owner, you’re an expert through your vast amount of insight, knowledge, and experience. However, just imagine the value you’ll add to your clients and customers as not only an expert, but also as an expert with a message.

For instance, perhaps you’re a realtor.

  • Your knowledge and ability: Selling homes and property.
  • Your expertise: Helping families buy their first home.
  • Your value to others: Providing not just an opportunity to buy a new home, but an opportunity to start a new life.

As a realtor, you have a message of helping young families start a new life.

Or perhaps you’re a chiropractor.

  • Your knowledge and ability: Healing necks and spines.
  • Your expertise: Acupuncture and other natural methods.
  • Your value to others: Helping others heal while also providing a way for them to live a more pain-free life.

As a chiropractor, you have a message of helping your patients feel better and live a healthier life.

Lastly, perhaps you’re an entrepreneur.

  • Your knowledge and ability: Software programming.
  • Your expertise: P.O.S. programs for small businesses.
  • Your value to others: Giving small business owners not only an efficient way to make transactions, but also peace of mind knowing their customers’ private information is safe.

As an entrepreneur, you have a message of helping small business owners focus on their passions.

Just like with my friend, I gave him a simple message of challenging him to ask newer questions and embrace deeper thinking. A couple of months later, he shared with me how he’s creating a better story for himself and his family, just by simply asking and thinking in ways that he’s never done until now.

With that in mind,

  • What’s your knowledge and ability?
  • What’s your expertise?

When you add those two elements together, you begin creating value for your clients and customers; you begin creating better stories as an expert with a message.

You have a message, and it yearns to add value to the lives of others. What value are you adding to your customers through your message?



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