8 Effective & Functional Growth Strategies For Every Startup

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Although the launch of your new business is an exciting time, it can also be quite hectic with so much to do and so little time. Here's how you can seize some of the best (and quickest!) growth strategies for your benefit:

#1 Map Out Your Business Plan & Include The Goals You Hope To Achieve

Many business owners got the right idea, but rather than writing them down and mapping them out systematically, they rely on their memory to keep everything stored and figured out. Many of these times some old, unsorted issues slow down the work process. Keep in mind you always need to design the workflow in a way, which eases up the process. Apart from this, many considerable tips will help you save your growth from slowing down. You need to analyze it properly and work through it.

However, things change once your business is up and running and there will be a lot more to remember. Before, you overload your brain with too much information, write down your plans, plan your route one step at a time to achieve all the goals you want to reach and grow your business to success.

#2 Build & Monetize Your Website Using SEO

Your website is a very important part of your business. It is your headquarters, your home, and your launch pad. Most importantly, it is how you conduct your business so you should ensure that it is built right, kept up to date and neat so your clients will be able to navigate freely and find things easily without any help or complaints.

Another thing you want to make sure of is that your site is listed on Google – ideally on the first page. To do this, make sure your site’s content is relevant to your business and what you are selling. You wouldn’t want to post pictures of pies when you are selling shoes. Therefore, ensure your site fits your niche and includes all the keywords relevant to your industry.

#3 Keep Your Staff Happy & Satisfied

When you think about it, really the staff is running your business and decides if you make or break it. Moreover, how you treat your staff will determine how they treat your customers so you want to make sure they are happy with their pay, job duties, and benefits. It is also very important to have good insurance plans in case your employees should ever get sick. Not only will this help them to recover faster so they can get back to work, but it also shows that you care about your staff and put their needs before profits.

#4 Run Ad Campaigns To Raise Awareness & Win Clients

You could have the best products for the lowest prices, but it wouldn’t do you any good if others don’t know they are available. That’s where advertising comes in. It gives you a chance to show people what you got. So, run ad campaigns to raise awareness and sell your products. All you have to do is hire a good campaign leader and they will take it from there. These guys know exactly what your business needs to improve.

#5 Develop A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel allows you to keep your clients coming back for more. It is a process of making your customers aware of other things that may interest them when they visit your site for a specific item. Yes, it’s great when they make a purchase, but why stop there when you may have something else they may want that they may not know you have available.

Try to avoid the annoying popups to draw people’s attention to your products. People hate it when they are looking at something and suddenly a popup jumps in their face. Some wouldn’t even give you the satisfaction of looking at the information you are trying to pass off let alone buy it.

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#6 Join Social Media Sites & Utilize The Tools They Offer

Most all social media platforms offer free business – sign-ups as well as many business tools available for businesses to utilize to help them grow. A study based on millennials and their business patterns state that 35% of them prefer communicating through multiple social channels. The key is only making a page on social media sites that you are able to keep up with. You don’t want to make a page on Instagram that shows your last activity was several months ago that would make most individuals think you are no longer in business or are not legitimate.

Use these tips to grow and maintain your business and you will remain in business for a long time and ahead of your competitors.

#7 Establish A Ticketing System

A good ticketing system establishes your customer concerns and sorts them by the most important needs. You can purchase a subscription to a ticketing service or some will allow you to pay a one-time fee for the full program. Keep in mind that the way you set your ticketing system up can make or break your business. Too many business owners set up their system to receive calls without giving customers the option to speak to a representative and that’s where many will draw the line. I’m sure you have called places in the past that will switch you around from one recording to another, which is very time consuming and annoying.

#8 Create Newsletters & Start Building Your Clientele

Newsletters are an important part of your business plan since they say a lot about a company:

  • They show your customers that you didn’t forget them
  • They show that you are keeping up with things
  • They relay important information about your company to your clients
  • They help to bring in more customers and the old one to keep coming back

And one more thing you don’t want to do is spam your customers with too many emails. One or two emails per month are sufficient, any more than that is enough for your customers to unsubscribe from receiving any emails from your firm and that is not good.



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