10 Time Saving Tools Every Startup Should Know About

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Building a startup may take up more time than you'd initially thought. A number of online tools can help you to take away the pain of everyday work to focus on what's important: your business.

As you start a business, you will be challenged with the task of building your organization with limited funds, time, and employees. Looking for ways to become more efficient and budget-friendly is key to finding success as you jumpstart your business. Many online tools exist to address company needs. Whether you need to manage your finances or build visuals for multiple platforms, there are numerous online resources to cater to your needs.


Evernote can provide your business with the means to efficiently manage notes. The app is designed to handle a variety of types of content. You can store and upload images. Evernote is a great place to store PDF files. It also provides you with a way to archive websites and keep tabs on various links. If you retain information by listening to it, this tool will allow you to store audio files. Managing a large team requires organization and Evernote gives you the means to organize project and work information. You can then easily share it with without co-workers streamlining the process and eliminating the need for multiple programs.


As you build your online presence, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all your social media pages. HootSuite allows you to view multiple platforms at once so you can make sure you are regularly updating and adjusting sites to cater to your audience’s needs. Review comments and respond to customer inquiries through the tool. If you know you will be working on other projects, schedule posts throughout the day so you can ensure your sites are maintained.

HootSuite also allows you to build long-term relationships with customers through social media listening. You can set up tracking for certain keywords or your business’ name. This will permit you to engage with your niche. Consumers will see you are invested in your product and will be more likely to purchase it. If you find negative comments surrounding your brand, quickly respond to contain the conversation and keep it from spreading. Address customer concerns directly and try to meet their demands.


If you need a way to track the progression of projects, Teamwork is a tool your startup should utilize. Project timelines for tasks and take advantage of collaboration features. Teamwork allows you to set deadlines, take a closer look at risks and bill clients in one place. You can either opt for a basic option at a lower cost or choose to pay a steeper rate to have access to more advanced features. Coordination is optimized with this online tool.


According to Zabisco, 40% of people respond better to visual information than basic text. For this reason, it is important to have a tool that creates visual content for your pages. Visually is a site where freelancers congregate to design content. If you want to gain traction on social media, it’s important to add visuals to your site. This service doesn’t come cheap, but it gives you more options for building a quality site. If you want to take Visually to the next level, you can also request video production and interactive microsites.


Wave accounting is considered one of the best free accounting softwares for small businesses. You can customize your dashboard to display transactions, bills, invoices, and receipts. It offers numerous automatic features which allow you to schedule recurring bills and invoices. It’s also easy to incorporate reminders giving you notice of when bills are due. All of the information you input into the software will be backed up so you don’t have to worry about losing any data if your computer crashes. While this service is good for small businesses, you may have to invest in more intricate software down the line if your organization grows.


Another tool that is great to have in your arsenal for creating visuals is Canva. It offers a number of free templates you can incorporate on your site. Editing features exist on the site so you can resize images to fit your needs. It’s a good idea to rework the content since many other businesses utilize the program for their own sites. Infographics are also popular visuals where you can display data you have accumulated in an interesting way. Canva provides you with templates making it easy to simply type in the data to complete them.


Thymer is a good tool to use if you need help managing various projects. You can set up tasks on a schedule, make assignments, and allocate resources. As the assignments progress, you can check on their status and see how your team is progressing. Thymer will help with your time management as you can better focus on your schedule. In addition, you can track the costs of various projects.


A tool that will help you save even more time is Zapier. It permits you to synchronize apps and automate workflow. It processes information that comes through your web apps and applies it to other web apps. For example, if you receive an email inquiring about a job, an email will be automatically sent out to thank the interested party. As you set up your Zap, you can choose the information you want to be sent to other apps.

Google Analytics

One important aspect of starting a new business is pinpointing your key demographic. Google Analytics is a tool you can use to quickly find out the persona of those visiting your page. You want repeat visitors who can easily recall your page. It shows their background information and interests. In addition, you can figure out what pages led visitors to your site. You can then focus more attention on sites that are gaining the most traction. This tool will give you insight into which content is resonating with readers. You can then implement this on pages that are not performing as well. Make sure your domain name is one that can be easily remembered by those visiting your site. You want repeat visitors who can easily recall your page.


As you develop content for your sites, you will want to add pieces from reputable sources to build your credibility. Getting in touch with influencers is key to building brand awareness. BuzzSumo shows you the top performing content while also identifying the leaders in your industry. Reach out to them through email or share their content on your site. They may decide to return the favor if you champion their work. Write content that will be seen as valuable in the eyes of those most interested in your niche.



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