How To Successfully Hustle Between Multiple Projects

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Focusing on many projects is one of the most common tasks of an entrepreneur. Learn how you can use your time more efficiently here:

If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or contractor of some sort, then you probably have to focus on many projects simultaneously. But few of us are ninjas in multitasking and other’s are just trying to manage everything. When you have a lot going on for yourself, you can chunk your days into categories.

This is one of the greatest ways to cope with high amount of workload. I see so many high-level CEOs also using a similar system, by creating a subject or themes for each day.

How to divide your week into categories?

For example, being an entrepreneur who’s running a Digital Marketing company and constantly shuffling between multiple projects, it comes more than handy to divide each day into a specific category.

#1 Monday

On Monday, I focus on administrative work that needs to be done and fixing more general issues that have come up during the previous week or more general follow-ups with teams.

#2 Tuesday

On Tuesday, I focus on marketing, communications, and growth.

#3 Wednesday

On Wednesday I focus purely on growth, anything that makes my business grow is on the list. During Wednesday I don’t take any internal team meetings, I just work.

#4 Thursday

Depends on the state of the projects, do they need “life support” or not. I’ll preferably use Thursday for meeting with clients or other growth-related activities that will bring in extra business.

#5 Friday

Fridays are usually focused on administrative tasks.

#6 Saturday

On Saturday I take time off, I focus on doing something fun and meaningful.

#7 Sunday

Sunday is for reflection, feedback, strategy and getting ready for the next week.

Categorizing each day will make you more productive, because the tasks you usually do during the day are similar. The only thing that changes is the label you put on it.  If you are creating a social media campaign then all the steps are the same, for launching it. It doesn’t matter if the product is a new job-seeking app or a new book.

If you don’t categorize your days, you will probably burn out faster than a sparkler. Don’t get me wrong you have to hustle your buttox off to become successful, at the same time the goal isn’t to be the richest man in the graveyard.

When you hustle all day long between very different tasks you will become at some point overwhelmed. If your day looks like this: you start it by creating a social media campaign, after that you will launch yourself into solving a customer problem and after that you go and check out some back-end problem on your startup’s website. The chances of you burning through are increased significantly.

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