Must-Have Library Items For Adventurous Entrepreneurs

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We've put together must-have libary items for adventurous entrepreneurs. Here's what you should read to get inspired and move your business forward!

The 21st century and especially the startup era is the time when there is no secret recipe how to make the most our of the idea and build your own business. You can grow a lot by seeing the insights of successful companies and getting to know their leaders personal background and their professional improvement over time. Lucky for us, we were born in the age of globalisation and information technologies that make it possible to get this knowledge without actually meeting them or seeing their company operation. Getting these brilliant books takes only a few clicks, and the knowledge will be delivered to your doorstep in a couple of days.

Some Examples From A Great-Selection-Library

#1 How Google Works – Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg, with Alan Eagle

Google is one of those companies that we can call the milestone of new thinking & how to grow your company from a startup to an iconic name. Google became a real big fish and doubtlessly lives its golden days.

This book shares the management’s key steps to Google’s growth, sharing many bright ideas based on how they managed to become such a company. All shared methods and operations are implemented in the company’s daily work. How the whole company operates shows you an impressive new way that is a perfect fit to the 21st century’s requirements in order to run your business smartly. The book teaches you how to put the old good knowledge provided by your professors at the uni into practice on the real field and to maximise it. Also strategies for different fields within the company and how all the effort they make to encourage people to succeed both as individuals and team members are shared.

Last but not least, it collects excellent ideas for the overall company as well as individual departments. An ultimate worth read!

#2 Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh

The book from Zappos’s CEO, Tony Hsieh, is an inspiring and motivating mind nutrition! The truly written words that come from his heart tie you to your armchair for an entire afternoon. He shares the most honest stories with all details from the and insights. Showing the dark side and the ups and downs as well as the power in people that always made the ups after the downs makes it an open, human friendly honest story from a man who had the experience.

It introduces a brilliant mind and the people around him tha helped him on the always adventurous path he walked on. He whole-heartedly writes about building corporate culture with core values and incredible customer service, with random kindness and a little weirdness as the say at Zappos. You will see the failures and the greatest successes in the same chapters from different point of views. Tony is a man who likes his people and takes care of the company’s overall well being & teaches you how to make the best out of it.

The book also teaches you that there are failures and that you probably can’t please everybody or – for other reasons – there may be some negative experiences. This is how you really grow when you learn to deal and take the negative and put the corrections into consideration in the feature.

Definitely teaches and encourages you to take risks and face the failure.

#3 Remote – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

This book shares thoughts and pros and cons for having an office versus letting people work from any environment, what employees like and motivates them to sit in front of their computer and what supports them in focusing on what they do. Recognising how impossible it is to carry out 8 hours of effective work in a day in a constant environment, the book gives tips on how to manage returning a company culture into remote work culture and make the most our of people’s skills on this way. While reading you recognise where you fail – plus it also gives a great perspective to figure it out how you can do more better. As you start your company you will see that is not necessary to grab the people you want to work with in an office in order to get the work done and move forward.

The mentioned items above are just a few great picks from a wide range of great reads that can give you the needed inspiration in order to make things happen. Even though the are good reads, they shouldn’t give you rules and principles – there are no companies that would work in the same schema. However they give guidelines and clues to find the right path for you. Take one to the your favourite coffee house and get inspired!



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