42 Online Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

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As a marketer you're often handeling multiple channels at a time. It's not only time consuming but also hard to stay on top. Here're 42 online marketing tools that will help you out!

The online marketing tools available to digital marketers make many tedious, time-consuming tasks easier. With the ever-increasing number of channels to communicate with your customers, the more tools to simplify and streamline your online presence, the better. And when it comes to choosing a medium for your message, the decision becomes more dizzying.

It’s All About Online Tools

There’s social media marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization, to name only a few of the platforms to procure your digital marketing plan. What sites do you choose and which tactics work wonders? The choices are countless and that’s why EZSiteBuilders created an infographic to make sense of it all.

Looking for an email application to handle your mass messaging? Or an analytics dashboard to track, report and offer suggestions on the best sources of traffic? Maybe most importantly, you’re stuck on a solution for content creation to drive prospects to become paying customers. These 42 online marketing tools include the top resources to effectively execute your digital marketing strategy.


Infographic via EZSiteBuilders.com


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