3 Influencer Marketing Startups To Watch In 2018

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With the rapid evolution of the influencer marketing space, there are many platforms that both influencers and brands can tap into to create better relationships. Today, we'll take a look at three marketing startups to watch this year!

Most platforms and marketplaces allow brands to easily communicate with influencers as well as creating contracts and reviewing content, all the way to payment. In order to make it easier for influencers to pick campaigns, these platforms also offer an app solution for easier approval of their content. A lot of these platforms are startups themselves thus the platforms tend to be relatively small (quality over quantity) and will usually provide high support level. However, it can be hard for influencers to join the platforms.

Marketplace-like startups have a wider poll of influencers, but they also tend to have a lower quality control. Startups are clearly recognising the value of influencer marketing, just as much as brands. With 30% of consumers likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger, according to a study by Collective Bias, investing in influencer marketing just makes sense. It can be the push in taking you to a new level of awareness with your customers.

What are the top platforms to look out for in 2018? These are the best 3 to bookmark:

#1 Tribe App

Tribe is the world’s fastest-growing self-serve marketplace connecting brands with micro-influencers. Tribe is all about convenience: In minutes, brands create a brief and invite thousands of micro-influencers to submit a creative post with a fee attached. If the brand approves it, the influencer publishes it directly to their socials and is paid immediately.

Since brands only pay for the posts they purchase, it costs nothing but a few minutes to cast the net and watch the submissions roll in. Tribe matches simplicity with efficiency, and this is where it gets its unique take. As one of the fastest growing startups in the influencer world, it’s one to keep in mind for smaller brands.

#2 Takumi

Takumi is a service with a higher level of selection that lets creators pick campaigns, as well as deliver the whole campaign as a service, instead of simply providing a database of influencers and letting brands do all the work. Takumi works to match the campaign to influencers who meet specific criteria — influencers use a mobile app to access the platform and are notified when a new campaign they’re eligible for launches.

The opt-in process of Takumi requires a certain amount of vetting for quality, those assessments are often based on an influencer’s basic stats (such as followers, niche and engagement rates).

#3 IndaHash

IndaHash is a Poland-based company with its first office in Warsaw. To this day, IndaHash is the biggest international platform for influencer marketing campaigns. It works with Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat and what it does is simply connect influencers with brands through an application. Working as a straightforward marketplace, after the matching process, the amount of compensation is estimated in accordance with the popularity and coverage of the account.

At the end of 2017, IndaHash changed the rules of the influencer game introducing the IndaHash ICO – looking to create a world standard for influencers: “Our mission is to tokenize the entire influencer industry to solve major issues between brands, influencers, and their audiences. Our crypto economics implies circulation of the IndaHash Coin among all of these groups and creates a new type of relationship and added value”.

All in all, each of these three platforms offers a different approach to influencer marketing, saving time and money for brands looking to dive into influencer marketing. 2018 is set to be an exciting year for this young, yet fast-growing, industry. Keep your eyes peeled!



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