The Pitfalls Of Being A Young Entrepreneur [Infographic]

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While young people may make mistakes from inexperience, they also offer original and fresh solutions to complex scenarios. Our infographic explains the pitfalls & perks of being a young entrepreneur.

Many young people have ambitions of being their own boss, but the road to entrepreneurship is a difficult one. Age barriers and rookie mistakes have created a generationally clear entrepreneurial gap, discouraging some young people from following their business dreams. Although there are clear hurdles, youthful ambition also presents its advantages and can prove effective in starting one’s own business.

Lofty Ambitions For A Better Future

Across the continent, young entrepreneurs are eager to create and be their own boss. This desire is evident in places like Eindhoven (Netherlands), the most patent dense city in the world. Millennials have taken their career path into their own hands and innovated new products and services like Hello Fresh, a Berlin-based food delivery company which leveraged technology to give cooking at home broader appeal with Millennials.

Generation Z has grown up watching these successes and has its own ambition to fulfill potential in the business world. Of Gen Z secondary students, the majority want to start their own company and prefer being an entrepreneur rather than an employee.

Not all young people’s business dreams end in riches, however. Many ambitious young people hope to improve the world around them, just as French innovator Sandra Rey did by founding Glowee, a pollution-free lighting system.

Overcoming Obstacles: Advantages Of Being A Young Entrepreneur

Despite their drive and vision, young people face challenges from legal barriers and age discrimination that can halt their ventures before they really take off.

While it can seem intimidating to enter the business world with the odds seemingly against you, don’t fret – there are also perks to being a fresh face on the scene. Generation Z has never known the world without internet, making them incredibly tech-savvy and willing to learn and integrate new technologies. While young people may make mistakes from inexperience, they also offer original and fresh solutions to complex scenarios. Since they are still finding the practices that work for them, young entrepreneurs are very flexible and open to new routes.

For more insights on the upside of being a Gen Z entrepreneur check out this infographic:



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