Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Eindhoven

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We've created an infographic on how to start your startup in Eindhoven for everyone who's into entrepreneurship, innovation and founding. What you need to know:

Discover the full guide to Eindhoven’s Startup Environment!

In the center of the Brainport region lies Eindhoven, one of the most inventive cities in the world. Forbes declared Eindhoven the most inventive city in the world in 2013. It has also been listed among the top 15 for several years by the ICF, having the highest patent density.

The High Tech Campus is located only a few minutes by bike from the city center, it’s the smartest square kilometer in the Netherlands, home to more than 140 companies and over 10.000 researchers.

Still not convinced that this is the ideal setting for your startup? The Financial Times ranked the city third in the foreign direct investment index. You will be thriving amidst the extremely active and productive startup community, attracted by the fertile environment.

Main Innovation Fields

The city focusses mainly on research and development in the following fields:

  • High-tech hardware (i.e. any high-tech technological product and service, non-restricted to the computer industry) and software, mainly on the High Tech Campus (HTC)
  • Medical technology developed at the MMC
  • The automotive industry at the automotive campus in Helmond, slightly outside Eindhoven (15 minutes by car)

Here’s a closer look at Eindhoven and what the region offers to founders(-to-be):




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