Masterminding Your Million Dollar Startup Idea

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As our author Michael Peggs suggests: there is no excuse not to go out and mastermind your startup idea together with other people! In case you still have doubts, here's how to:

All it takes is one great idea. Everything proceeds from there, provided you have a plan in place. What follows is building your dream team. You know, the one you’ll need to bring the plan to life.

A Little Inspiration Can Go A Long Way

It all starts with inspiration first. This is the hidden key to driving the motivation and fulfilling your goals. As in business or even sports, a certain level of teamwork is going to be required in order to meet the deadlines … and score those goals.

Maybe you live in a city. If so, you have no excuse to not to get out there and mastermind with others face to face. When you provide that initial push, life has a funny way of doing the rest. You are the one who must create opportunity; or at the very least, meet it halfway. Right now, you may be holding that one bright idea that others are just waiting on … waiting for you to offer.

They are ready and willing to help you make it a reality. It is the engagement of the minds around you which becomes the very heart of this process. It may turn up some rather uncanny, hidden skills in those individuals who decide to really invest themselves. Skills they never knew they had.

How To Begin Masterminding Your Startup Idea

How to begin? Any good idea should be followed by master-mind-mapping if possible and then brainstorming an idea into an outline. While you’re busy gathering together the think tank … take a look at the strengths of each of the members in your group once formed. Do this before you implement any plan of action, and especially before you delegate the member responsibilities.

When you’re ready to start implementing? First be sure to check you’ve drawn up all the pros and cons in advance. Anything you can see along the way. How will you deal with them? Use Google Calendar for sharing a group schedule and formulate everything into a chronological plan of action.

Why Follow The Mastermind Principle

You know, you might do quite well solo and without a group. However it is the mastermind principle which often holds a deciding factor for long term success. This is about the art of achieving success with people in ways previously unplannable, unthinkable or unforeseen.

On a purely statistical level, you have multiple heads at play. This results in quicker, more effective decision making. It helps you branch out for faster networking and relationship development. Ultimately, this might be the lifeblood of your first million dollar achievement.

Simply put, it’s the principle of amplification. Masterminding is also about how your attain each step of your startup plan. Using baby steps in order to take bigger steps down the road. That will further be based on your steadfastness and adherence to original goals without straying from them.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one idea, right? The whole trick is just getting started because scientifically speaking, once in motio – we tend to stay in motion. Nothing will change if you don’t.

Move your mind, and your feet will follow.



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