Dare To Dream – When An Idea Becomes A Startup

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Do you dream about founding your own startup? Here's how to find our if you're infected with the bacillus of entrepreneurship!

At the origin of each venture is the thought and the idea. It is a random step which is specific for everyone and takes different shapes.

The Bacillus Of Entrepreneurship

So you worship those entrepreneurs or ventures. In other terms you have been in contact with the bacillus of entrepreneurship. It may have been transmitted by the actual hype around the advantages of an non employee job. For some it has been by the role models of the modern adventurers put in front of them by the media.

Indeed today’s entrepreneur can be compared to the modern explorer or adventurer who takes risks and is rewarded handsomely. In several countries this mindset has only appeared recently. Even if it may only be a bubble or hype, it is a welcome movement especially with the actual global economic changes which occurred and are still happening. Because without it the economy will not be rebooted.

How To Know If You Have Been Infected By This Bacillus?

The best criteria is your thoughts on how it would be if you could decide yourself on your professional destiny without others interfering too much. In that stage you started already daydreaming about a potential service or product you could be offering to potential customers.

The infection continues by daring yourself to dream and to concretize your dreams. In other words trying to conceptualize what it is that you are good at or which need you have identified. But to further nurture the bacillus you have to put your thoughts down in any way. A generally recommended medication is using the one or the other spread method of modelling your dreams (e.g. business model canvas, brainstorming).

And Once You’re Sure You’re Infected?

You are not in a dream anymore.

In order for a good viral dissemination you have to step out of your comfort zone, you have to share your dreams with the outside world. This is important to make sure that your dreams are not just daydreams or hot air as well as to avoid a first criteria for failure.

Openess and receptiveness are key at this stage for a fruitful continuation. You have to be aware that you are for the time sharing your inner self, that is your baby at its embryonic stage. This will be hurtful if done well but will assist you in getting on the right track form the beginning.

And only now you may say that you dare to realize your dreams. At this point there is generally no return possible anymore meaning you are cooked and fully infected.

Welcome to sanatorium.



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