How Does A Skillful Startup Employee Look Like?

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The complete profile of the successful startup employee who is ready to make a difference and contribute to building a brighter future for his company.

Job hunting is anything but pleasant, since no one can really inform the job seeker on his rate of success during the interview he has just got out of. Self-evaluation occurring post- interview is, most of the times, a cruel move, but we do it anyway. We want to be able to assess ourselves and enjoy a positive result, yet we tend to get our hopes crushed on numerous occasions.

The main reason for which job hunters fail this test in the first place, is the fact that they might not be applying for jobs they are compatible with. Other times, they might even get the position only to find out that they cannot perform their tasks. However, this is where the recruiters jump in and start making the triage.

What makes an employee suited for a certain type of company, like a corporation, or for a smaller business, like a startup? Here is a question both parts – the recruiter and the job seeker – should give it a thought.

Big companies, as well as startups have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day it all comes down to one great concept: the future-to-be employees; their set of technical skills, but nonetheless, their personality, the features that set them apart from the others and those that bring them closer, as well.

Startup vs. Corporation

Anyone who has ever worked in a corporation knows how things go: long fixed working hours, but great benefits. A well-established hierarchy where the employee works his way up which unfortunately does not leave much room to creativity.

Startups, on the other hand, are much more flexible when it comes to the working hours and they also bring their own benefits. However, there is a slight chance to not be able to reach a leading management position in the future.

Both parts have their ups and downs, but the job seeker is the one who decides which road to take.

Working In A Startup – The Portrait Of An Employee

A more unconventional way to make a name for yourself is by choosing to work in a startup. It is also quite risky, as there are several traits each employee should possess. If you don’t have them, you should try your luck elsewhere!

So what should the startup employer search for in his employees?

Wide Area Of Expertise

The startup leader has to understand one thing from the very beginning: the person he is planning to hire should be better than him in any way he can count. He needs to be more focused, meticulous, faster and to possess a greater amount of information in his area of interest.

Down To Earth

Startups are all about balance. The founder is the one bringing ideas, most of the times, but he needs a significant other. Someone who will shake his hand and bring him back to reality when things go out of hand. The startup needs a person who can think out of the box, but who can also handle all the tasks that are given to him, while maintaining a state of mind-fullness.

Curious Spirit

In the startup environment, the combination of curiosity and determination is always a winning one. Unlike other types of companies, startups place a strong accent on experience and not on the academic background. So, if you have been a curious type ever since you were born, now it’s time to take advantage of it!

Creative Thinker

The soon-to-be employee should be able to solve the issues that might appear along the way through all of his resources. He should possess a wide range of tools or, at least, to be able to acquire them as soon as the challenge has risen.

Powerful Communicator

Not just a talkative person, but someone who is able to communicate clearly and efficiently. What recruiters should be looking for is a person who is direct, clear and articulate. Without this ability, all of the above-mentioned traits, are useless. Not only that they speak, but they should also listen carefully and process the information they get. Knowing their audience and adapting likewise is another plus.

Any new business has its challenges and unexpected circumstances. However, the whole process can be made much smoother by hiring the right persons. A team that is harmoniously combining its energies in order to reach a well-established balance will bring nothing but glory to the business, making it easier to face any unexpected upcoming challenges.


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