How To Write A Great Job Description To Attract The Right Talent

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In the startup world everything has to work faster and better. You need the right people to take the ride with you from the very beginning on. Writing the right job description will help you make your company attractive to the best people .

Successful development of your venture directly depends on the people you recruit. Your hires can make or break your company and its culture. Therefore, hiring right is crucial to the company that is aimed to succeed in this highly competitive business environment. As famous businessman and author Larry Bossidy states,

“I’m convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”

Writing a great job description is a first step towards attracting the right employees to your company. A job description is an essential tool in the hiring process whether your venture is a startup or a big company.

But how can you make this tool truly work for you? First of all, every entrepreneur or HR manager should understand that the job description doesn’t serve as a hiring tool only. A well-crafted job description also performs the role of the communication tool: It displays your company’s ethos and culture, communicates its values and gives potential employees a clear idea of what is expected from them. The more precise and open you are, the greater are the odds of finding the right-fit talent who will not only “fill the position”, but contribute to the growth of your company in the long run.

Let’s examine the essential details of great job descriptions:

1. Title

The job title reflects the position a potential employee will embrace. Along with the job title, you can also mention the type of employment (full-time, part-time, internship etc.)
For example:

Senior User Experience Designer
eCommerce Manager (full-time)

Some companies apply more of an creative approach by using the following titles:
Reporting Analyst – Great Career Opportunity!
Sales Assistants – Graduates Welcome!

2.The Summary, which consists of the following sections:

Company information

In this section you have to provide a basic company information and a brief history. Use specific words/phrases that reflect the voice of the company, its culture and let potential employees get familiar with the company’s core values. Describe what makes your company so unique and sets it apart from other competition. Also mention what kind of employee you are looking for.

The role/main responsibilities of the employee

In this section you have to define the purpose of the position and list key responsibilities a potential candidate is required to assume. Be precise about how many times a particular task will have to be performed. If the position requires travelling, make sure to add this information too in the description.


In this section you have to mention which essential skills, academic background and experience a potential employee is required to possess. Be transparent about all requirements and expectations you have towards an employee. This information will help a potential candidate to assess his profile and decide whether he or she is right for the position.


In this section clearly indicate all the benefits that employees will receive while working for your company. Provide details about working conditions. If your company offers perks and benefits (fitness/wellness discounts, free food, social events invitations, flexible work hours), don’t hesitate to mention them.


Many companies prefer to mention the prospective salary during the job interview rather than in the job description. However, some companies take a bold step by mentioning a starting salary.

3. Contact Information

In this section you have to provide a full contact information and company’s location.

A job description isn’t a waste of time, rather it saves your time. A great job description helps a potential employee to figure out whether he or she is a perfect fit. Therefore, the more details you provide in the job description, the greater is the chance it will attract a person who will become the next top performer in your company.



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