How Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Are Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have completely revolutionized the way people look at technology. Apart from gaming and clothing stores, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have made several new advancements and applications in the field of business and digital marketing.

These two technologies are completely changing the marketing approach to business, many companies have even started investing in these technical advancements. According to reports, Virtual Reality is expected to reach $30 billion and Augmented Reality is expected to reach $90 billion by the year 2020, which is quite an amazing achievement by the developers of these technologies.

Large multinational companies are already incorporating these technologies into their business in order to create a more successful brand in the market. Coca-Cola, for example, is a company that is using Virtual Reality to create unique marketing campaigns in order to engage more customers and increase its market share.

Why are marketing campaigns so successful with VR and AR?

Marketers come across various issues when they are designing a marketing campaign for their brand, especially in the execution part. However, with the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality, these issues are resolved and they are now able to design and execute a better campaign by using the latest technology.

First of all, virtual reality and augmented reality are relatively new to consumers and they find it very appealing because only a few companies are incorporating this technology into their business.

Secondly, the business that uses these latest technologies has a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry because they can deliver a better customer experience to their target market and can create opportunities that are new for the customers. For example, the game Pokémon Go went viral because of its unique idea of catching Pokémon on the run and people were attracted to this new experience. This is just a small example of what virtual reality and augmented reality can bring to this world as there are numerous other things that can be done with this technology.

Thirdly, virtual reality and augmented reality can deliver a much more lively experience to the users which was not possible in the past. Consumers can enjoy a new interface when they are shopping online for clothes. They can actually try out the clothes they want to purchase from the comfort of their home.

How are companies implanting these technologies in their business and marketing campaigns?

Various companies are implanting these technologies in their businesses in order to bring innovate ideas into the market and to deliver a better experience to their customers. Customers seem to enjoy these new technologies because they are getting more value for their money.

McDonald’s is a multinational fast food chain that has introduced new Happy Meal Boxes for its customers that can be folded into a virtual reality cardboard headset. In order to enjoy the virtual reality experience, you need to download the McDonald’s virtual reality application and slide your smartphone into the VR glasses.

Coca-Cola has recently introduced a new marketing campaign for a Drinkable Ad where you enjoy coke by using the latest technology. To execute this campaign, Coca-Cola collaborated with Shazam so that users can easily fill a glass of Coke in their smartphones which can be redeemed at any retail store in the United States. Every time a drinkable commercial comes up on your Charter Spectrum TV, you need to launch the Shazam app on your phone and you will see coke pouring into a glass on the screen of your phone which can be redeemed for an actual free Coke.

The Star Wars movie is another example, it was released with a 360 virtual reality edition to introduce a new audience experience. This particular campaign was created with Verizon and the technology used in the movie enables you to enjoy the video as if you were actually present in a specific battle scene.

The most epic virtual reality campaign that users have seemed to enjoy is the Marriott Teleporter campaign. In this particular campaign, a machine was introduced that was capable of transporting users to various destinations using a combination of sound, video, and sensation. By wearing a VR headset, you can visit a seven-star hotel Dubai and enjoy the view of Palm Jumeirah, which is an extraordinary experience for the users.

Nowadays, the marketing potential seems to be limitless for most companies. Whether it’s a small scale or large scale business, the right use of this new-age technology can open doors to all sorts of new opportunities that can become a factor for growth and success. Business can achieve so much more with the latest virtual reality technology by strategically implementing it into their goals and objectives.

Design A 360 Degree Video

Nothing provides a better view than a 360-degree video. This type of video allows users to see all dimensions through their smartphones. Companies who sell clothes online can use this technology in their business to demonstrate the fabric and the quality of their products. In addition to this, real estate companies are also utilizing this technology to virtually showcase homes to customers that they are offering for sale, which saves time and increases views of the home.

Create Virtual Reality Applications

Designing and building a virtual reality application for your business can bring new opportunities for you as you can deliver a new experience to your customers. This technology is used by various automobile retailers as they can provide test rides to potential customers from the comfort of their home.

Create Virtual Reality Games

The gaming industry has been completely revolutionized with the emergence of virtual reality as this technology provides new opportunities for the companies that develop games. Users can now experience a higher level of sophistication when they are playing games with the virtual reality headset which enhances the interface of the games and gives them a real experience.

This is how virtual reality and augmented reality have changed the world of digital marketing for businesses and their customers.



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