Outlining The Impact Of AR & VR On Business Verticals

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR VR) have a powerful impact on various industries. From gaming & entertainment to education and health - we take a look at the effect these technologies have.

“Will this dress look good on me?”, “How will this vase look on my study table?”, “Should I go to Miami or Paris this summer?” – There was a time when we used to ponder on these topics every single second in our daily lives. We used to visualize things for coming to a conclusion. But, now, we can project a virtual version of the product/place around us, experience it and make our decision – all thanks to technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

AR VR technology, which was confined to gaming sector once, is expanding every single day – entering many more industries. Study after study establishes that AR VR has limitless potential, endless benefits for users, mobile app development companies, and everyone around us. The idea of strapping on an AR VR headset is getting popular with the capability to give a 180-degree tweak to our lives and make our world a better place.

Don’t you agree?

Let’s explore different business verticals and dig out how AR/VR already improved our experience.

pokemon go virtual reality augmented reality ar vr#1 Disrupting Gaming & Entertainment

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the term ‘Augmented Reality’ or ‘Virtual Reality’? Many of you will say, games like ‘Zombies, Run!’, VR theatres, movies, and so on. I agree. AR/VR has reshaped the gaming and entertainment world. It has added flavor to our leisure time.

While there are a plenty of spellbinding games, movies and other advantages AR/VR offer us, the top four on my list are Pokemon Go, IMAX, InAir AR technology for TV, and Oculus Story Studio’s animated VR movie, Henry.

Pokemon Go brought a wave of excitement among users, made them run for miles day and night to catch virtual creatures. Meanwhile, Oculus Story Studio’s VR movie Henry created an emotional connection with the cartoon character and made people feel sorry for the character, instead of rolling on their floors laughing.

The technology has proven to have so significant impact on the society so that tech giants like Apple and Google launched free-to-use AR/VR tools for mobile app development company to employ and make better apps.

#2 Disrupting Health & Fitness

Augmented and Virtual Reality has not just revamped the way we feel, but also the way we approach different concepts. The technology has opened new doors of opportunities in the healthcare industry, making it possible to provide exceptional health and fitness services to users.

Today, healthcare service providers can practice complex surgeries without putting their lives at risk. They can perform remote surgeries as well as provide better rehab services.

VR Platforms like Psious has made it easier for doctors to cope up with the anxiety and fear of patients and perform treatments in a better manner, while games like ‘Zombies, run!’ motivate us to run and get into shape.

#3 Disrupting Education

AR/VR technology is making its way into classrooms and schools. With the help of Android VR development, the companies like FishyTale are able to encourage social learning by sending kids on interactive adventures. For example, ‘The Astonishing Adventures of Little Lyle’ can help children stand against bullying and gain self-confidence.

Not only this, the technology seems to be a powerful way for teaching a large-size class with limited resources. Teachers can take their students virtually anywhere and provide a top-class one-to-one engagement.

#4 Disrupting Travel

From a carnival cruise ship to Hawaii to the Sky Lantern festival in China, you can travel and enjoy the best around the world without stepping out of your home using a VR headset. Isn’t it amazing?

Travel companies like Littlstar render a complete library of virtual travel media, offering content from different angles and directions to make users feel as if they are actually at the site.

On the other side, various applications like Metro AR Pro help in finding your current location and nearby metro stop. Lost in a new city? Open the app, shake your phone and let the app navigate you back to your hotel.

#5 Disrupting Real Estate

No wonder Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has redefined the way marketers approach customers and exhort them for a purchase. By investing in Android VR development, eCommerce and real estate agencies are able to project a virtual version of their product/service and help them to understand better and boost sales.

That’s why Sephora updated its app with a feature for users to try make-up samples and find the right one as per their complexion. Jura allows users to try on watches on their wrists virtually. IKEA facilitated users with an option to place a sofa and find the right product for their living room.

Above all, the most impressive change that AR/VR brought in our world is that it brought us all together. With its feature of immersing a user in different prospect, the technology is acting as a powerful tool against prejudice.

While various visionaries, market researcher, and app developers are digging deeper to uncover the full potential AR/VR and make our world a better place, we are still scratching the surface. The best is yet to come. And the best proof of this is Goldman Sachs’ recent report that reveals the AR/VR market to reach up to $95 billion by 2025.



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