5 Reasons Your Startup Should Invest In Interns

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by David Warren Starting a new business can be tricky, but with a helping hand, a lot of goals can be achieved. These hands are often available in internships offered to young and fresh minds.

Once your startup is all set up and starting to need some extra hands, you may find yourself thinking about who to hire. Maybe at the beginning, it was just you and your co-founder, maybe you were few, but you could handle things efficiently and without having any time problem. But, now that the company is bigger and has more clients, it needs more attention. It is no longer a child but instead has adult needs.

This may be the perfect timing to start hiring interns. And here’s why you should:

#1 Fresh Talent

A new generation comes with a whole new set of skills and mindsets. They can offer a fresh look at a complicated situation or issue, they can communicate to a new and different audience. In other words, interns are usually young, and they provide a youth filter to view things from another perspective.

#2 More Work In Fewer Expenses

Interns usually take internships to start gaining some experience in the field and make some more decisions about their careers. They are therefore eager to participate in as many areas as they can so as to try the different activities they may like. Their productivity can result in a win-win situation for them and your startup.

#3 They Are Tech-Savvy

Everybody knows that once you have finally mastered a gadget, there is already a new model available on the market. Interns are always ready to try and use technology at a higher pace, and they also understand how new software behaves in a better way than people from older generations. This is a skill that is well worth having in the work place.

This generation is not afraid of technology, therefore they take risks and are open to innovation in the tech world.

#4 Help With Ongoing Work

The small tasks that keep a business running are infinite. Answering emails, managing social media, creating databases, organizing files; some of these tasks are even subdivided and seem to multiply. How can a manager find investors if there are so many calls to be made? Interns are the answer. They can help with those lower tasks while the prepare themselves to take on more responsibilities.

#5 Can Turn Into Full-Time Employees

One of the main reasons to hire interns is that you have the chance to evaluate and assess their behavior and level of commitment before turning them into full-time employees. This test period is very useful because it allows you to observe how good they are and can be for a specific task. It is also an opportunity for the intern because, even if they are not selected as full-time employees, they already gain some experience that can help them in their next try.

Interns are a great option to try their skills and also to test your abilities when handling people and more and more employees. As your startup grows, you will learn how to deal with employees and how to choose those elements and strategies that benefit both the company and the people working in it.

Startups are, at the same time, an ideal working environment for new and young people that want to explore the job. It offers them the professional working context they need to discover what area of expertise they like and therefore what their focus is going to be later.



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