How To Acquire Talent For Your Startup Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

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Building a startup takes a lot of effort & dedication, which is why it's almost impossible to do it alone. Here're some tips on how to aquire talents on a budget:

Let’s face the truth. Building a startup is really hard.

There are too many things to do with too little time and no money. You need web developers, copywriters, growth hackers, engineers, marketers, salesmen, and business development people just to make things work.

But you need to get all these tasks done. You need inexpensive, talented humans to work for you.
There is a whole new way to get truckloads of qualified talent for cheap. There is no need for you to beg your friends for help, no need to hire freelancers, and no need to pay expensive fees that require long-term commitment.

Finding Bright & Talented People

These bright talents are begging to work for you. They are cheaper to hire than freelancers. You can establish close and intimate working relationships with them, and they will put forward their very best work. It is not a full-time job, not a part-time job, and not an internship.

These true gems — located in universities near your startup — are willing to give you their best efforts to contribute to your startup’s growth. Not only are they quick to adapt to your fast-paced startup  —  their burning desire to prove themselves to the world means that you get a gold mine full of talented and passionate individuals contributing to your startup’s growth at full speed.

These talents are digital natives who have grown up in the internet era and can bring to your startup a fresh perspective on your ideas. They are immensely motivated, learn fast and have no qualms about working up late just to finish a rush project.

Experience – The Motivating Factor

Because these ambitious students are looking for professional growth and experience, they do not need a huge sum of money to handle the work. Here’s the win-win situation: students gain the experience they need, and your startup is able to complete work quickly without burning a hole in your pocket.

The question is… where do you find these students to work on short-term freelance projects located near your startups?

Here’s where Proxiloop can help. Proxiloop helps startups acquire talent without burning a hole in their pocket and helps students gain work experience without committing to scary, 3-month summer internships.

We have built a platform that connects students and startups on extremely short-term projects on-site. As a startup, you will be able to get work done quickly, and it is a fantastic way for students to build a wide variety of skills on their portfolio and experiences across different startups.

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