Outsourcing The Search For An Investor – The Way To Be Successful?

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You're looking for Series A funding but have a million other things to do? Here's why outsourcing the search for an investor might be the way to go for you!

If you’re a founder looking to get investment anywhere from seed funding to Series A, B or up you’ve probably tried harvesting your network to find potential investors interested in your company. Or you’ve gone back to the roots and already tried to ask our know-it-all friend Google. The simple question “how to find an investor for series a funding” delivers about 242.000.000 results in 0,62 seconds. Now, how are you supposed to go through all this information and find the right answer?

We can all agree that the search for an investor is probably one of the most demanding tasks in the process of building your startup and making it successful. You don’t only have to think about how much more equity you’re willing to give up for what amount of money but also what you’re expecting from the business angel who’s about to get on board.

Time = Money, Right?

Ideally your investor(s) should not only provide you with money but rather smart money. And while fund is an important factor how could you not rather look for someone who you can also trust, shares your vision and wants to bring your business forward to make it thrive? However, there’s a catch: first, you have to find this person.

As a founder you have about 392.479.365 things to think about – money being one of the more essential ones since it’s the fuel to your business and its development. Despite the urge entrepreneurs have to control their surroundings I’m going to propose something different: outsourcing.

Why Outsourcing Is The Way To Go

And here’s why outsourcing the search for an investor, although it is such an important part of your company’s success, might be the best decision you’ll make:

#1 You can concentrate on other important things.

Getting professionals like Brauneis & Partner, will help you manage your time. Usually looking for a new business angel takes up an enormous part of your work day (if this term even exists in the startup environment). It makes sense to focus on other tasks that will bring your business forward – in the end you shouldn’t lose an investment opportunity because you didn’t have enough time to develop your product or service.

#2 Professionals know what to look for.

Seriously. They’re not doing this for the first time. Talk to your advisors and explain what kind of investor you’re looking for. Someone who already has experience in your branche? Perhaps a marketing expert? Or rather someone who has a background in growth hacking? Let your advisors know and they will do their best to find the right fit angel for your company.

#3 They have a network which is ready to use.

You know this from your own experience: it takes a while to build relationships, be it in the startup community or with customers. All the same with investors – having a network that is ready to be used gives you an incredible advantage in terms of time saving and chances to find an investor. Professionals know whom to approach with what business idea – why not make use of it?

#4 The experts will prepare you.

Not only will they advise you on what papers (e.g. business & financial plan, pitch deck,…) you need and what needs to be stated in them but they will also prepare you for the meeting with your potential investor. How to introduce yourself? How to pitch your idea? What to look out for? Like Brauneis & Partner the best ones will even offer workshops and trainings to make sure you achieve your goals.

If you’re still in doubt that outsourcing will make your funding process easier and more effective I suggest you give it a go – after all, that’s how you decided to start your business too, isn’t it?



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