4 Killer Tips For Being A More Productive Entrepreneur

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Feel like you're swamped in tasks? These 4 tips will help you to get more done & become a more productive entrepreneur!

In today’s cognitive world, every business is looking forth for top-notch ways to be more productive. Unfortunately, having excessive amounts of caffeine or list-making won’t let you reach your productivity goals.

Though, attaining that perfect level of throughput and competence can be a bit challenging provided you are a small business. So, as the owner of a startup, you may have to wear more than one hat.

You definitely hold expertise which is the reason why you have been successful so far. However, there are a plethora of other tasks that you have to manage single-handedly and in some cases, you will face problems to handle them all alone. What do you need to do to make the wheel move in the right direction? What do you do to organize your day and save your time?

Here are some killer tips that you can consider to improve your business productivity and manage time more effectively:

#1 Automate What Is Possible For You

Many small businesses end up doing a little bit of all the errands and tasks. Not everything falls under your scope of expertise.

Are there some tasks so tedious that you find yourself spending more time than required? Try to figure out what are all those tasks wherein you are wasting your time and find out ways to automate these errands so as to enhance overall business productivity.

For instance, appointment scheduling, reminder emails and nuts and bolts management of your promotion and advertisement are some of the processes forward-thinking businesses choose to automate.

A wide selection of marketing errands can be automated. For example, automated follow-up, auto-responders, lead scoring, keeping your CRM up-to-date, and pursuing explicit customer base for specific campaigns can all be put on autopilot mode with marketing automation tools.

#2 Make Use Of Cloud Technology

Using cloud-based applications can significantly help you in improving the overall productivity and performance of your process. Team members who are always on the go can work remotely anytime and anywhere, whether they are on a business trip or are not well.

Tailor-Made Tools

You can build cloud-based applications for your database which, in turn, will enable your team to manage your sales and inventory while on the road simply by updating sales into your live system.

Project Management Apps

The best way for your team to smartly manage customer interactions is by making use of highly-intuitive project management apps. Cloud technology empowers your team to streamline client communications.

Save Your Documents

Save your documents on the cloud. Could-based sharing platforms enable your team to read, edit, download, copy, and share any document within a few clicks. You don’t need to use emails to send documents any longer.

Save your team’s time by making the documents accessible by all via Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoho, or any other cloud-based platform.

Task Management

Task management apps like Todoist, Wunderlist, Google Keep, Tick Tick, etc. are some of the great choices for your team. With these apps you can assign, monitor, cancel, reassign, and check the status of tasks on a single dashboard. You could also check the progress/history of any task from anywhere, anytime.

When you and your team will be able to perform their work irrespective for the location and time, your business productivity will undoubtedly improve. Not all of your errands can be moved to the cloud, but try to find ways that you can move your business to the cloud to leverage its benefits to improve your productivity.

#3 Track Overall Performance

Perhaps every business owner is keen about tracking the performance of their website on search engines. But, are you keeping a tab on your business performance as well? Well, it is something more important than cross-checking your ledger book and bank statement.

You need to ensure that you are not missing out on both positive and negative aspects of your team and customer behavior. Consider having a look at your booking and appointment software, or your weekly sales conversion rate. Are you really doing well when it comes to customer retention? Do you have a lot of AWOLs?

Without being too intrusive, try to track the performance of your team. Are they able to meet their set deadlines? Is customer support managed as per the industry standards? Have you been experiencing the issues of absenteeism?

You must keep a close look on your website and social media performance as well. For this, you have to make use of the same approach, do some research to figure out which app and tool that can help improve your day-to-day business performance.

#4 Conversational & Proactive AI-Based Applications For Instant & Personalized Results

Did you know the realm of marketing and sales has almost touched the saturation point? There are plenty of choices for customers to select from. The verge of differentiation between opponents is fading away. The key factor behind buying decisions now completely depends on the experience your buyers receive.

Every user journey basically begins from the moment they enter into business and ends when they decide to exit which has to be beyond what they expected from you. However, delivering such kind of experience is no longer likely with human effort only. You need automation and artificial intelligence to support you. These days, one of the driving factors in the automation realm is Chatbots.

Chatbots have ushered in a sea change in the perspective of customer communication. They have evolved from being hype into a highly effective and powerful tool that every marketer is trying to understand and incorporate in their process to enhance the customer experience.

Many tech giants like Facebook, Google, and other leading multinational companies are increasingly making the use of these conversational proxies. We can call them by different names as chatbots, virtual assistants, conversational interfaces or just automated chat. The influence they have on your business is immense. They certainly make your websites alive and kicking as they engage your online audience, makes their experience synergistic and most significantly, they help you to collect data about your online visitors and convert them. There are many benefits of integration Chatbot in your website:

  • Reduce Operational Costs – Using Chatbots can help you save up to 30% of your operational cost.
  • Chatbot Empowers Your Crew – Chatbots will not completely substitute humans. Instead, they will become the prime support that screens a customer request and save the time of your crew.
  • Improve Your Brand Image – The graphic communication offers a welcoming and amiable experience, thereby building a good rapport with your customer base spread across the globe.
  • Easier Than Building An App – In terms of productivity parameters, chatbots outpace apps in all aspects of functionality and is more economical.

Bottom Line

Becoming more productive enables you to run your business more successful. When you’re organized and don’t overexert yourself, you can have better focus and stay devoted to the task at hand. All of the software applications in the world can definitely help you ease out a bit and focus on more important aspects of the business instead of getting bogged down by trivial tasks.



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