Are Your Customers Satisfied With You?

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Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate key to retaining your clients. Especially for startups in the service sector it becomes crucial and takes the centre stage!

What could possibly be of greater importance to managers than a satisfied customer? Retaining current customers is always the top priority, especially for insurance professionals. It is more cost effective to keep a customer than to get a new one. So retention is the top priority. During the claims process customers are more likely to change carriers than at any other time. The reasons for this change are obvious. Customers may become dissatisfied with the adjuster, with the carrier, or with the contractor(s) involved in the repair. If you are the contractor you can’t get too many “I would NOT use this contractor again,” before the carrier decides you are not a very good partner and they make a change.

What Goes Into Customer Satisfaction

You’ve heard it service companies, such as Restoration Contractors that, believe it or not, you are first and foremost, in the Customer Service business. That is right, whatever services you offer from water damage repair to construction services, you are in the customer service business. It is not even correct to think in terms of customer service. Service has as its goal, satisfaction, customer satisfaction. That is the key! Not that you have served a customer, but that you have satisfied them. Carriers know this, Third Party Administrator’s understand this, and customers demand this. You need to believe and understand this deep down inside so that this singular achievement directs each aspect of your business practice.

You are in the customer satisfaction business. You should talk the language, clearly explain how you work to achieve this, and offer evidence of your success. Marketing your services, your size, or your experience does little to differentiate you from your competitors. Excellence in these areas is expected of each and every contractor. These are the givens, but what can set you apart from others in a meaningful way is that when the project is done, your customers are satisfied with you!

Whether you are a remodeler or a damage repair contractor for insurance companies, the biggest game-changer is to show in varied ways that your customers are satisfied and would use you again!

  • You can use an internet company to post satisfaction statements to the various search engines listing your company and customer’s satisfaction with you! People regularly use the internet to “check you out” before committing to service.
  • You can claim 27 customer reviews with a 4.8 satisfaction rating based upon post completion job surveys. You should post this information on your website. Today it is easy to send out an email notice to a customer at the start of the job explaining that when completed, you will send a survey asking how well you did. Most customers will be happy to know that you care enough to ask their opinion of your service. This act alone sets you apart and demonstrates to your customer that their satisfaction is important to your business. Let customers know the survey is coming, and post those with positive results to your website and track your overall satisfaction numbers.
  • You can post the positive customer satisfaction statements themselves on your company website. They can rotate through on each page of your site listing as many statements as possible. Market Research shows that customers respond more favorably to you the more positive statements they read about you. It is just human nature! The reverse is 10 times more true, because a dissatisfied customer will tell 10 times more people about their dissatisfaction, and with greater enthusiasm than those who are satisfied.
  • You can describe your commitment to and process for achieving customer satisfaction. Use warm and genuine words expressing your fundamental values for the importance of people. Describe how this central theme shapes how you run your business.
  • You can add a well scripted video including a customer or two telling the world what a wonderful job you did satisfying them. Seeing and hearing a passionate and articulate endorsement from others is the ultimate influencer.

Do something compelling to demonstrate your pledge to prioritizing customer satisfaction, your operational determination to achieving this, and your documented positive results of effectiveness. Every customer expects a good finished product. Remember, it is the process and the people who make the difference. To this end you must include user friendly practices that permeate your people, and procedures that will earn your customer’s satisfaction. Remember, it is NOT the final product that determines how they feel about your company; it is the people and the process. Customers demand a quality finished product and won’t pay you until they get it. But would they use you again if given the chance? That answer tells the true story!

Any marketing campaign worth its salt should showcase those you have satisfied. If you want your website to generate more prospects, or you want to close more deals, you must be able to show that your customers are satisfied with the people and the process, as well as the quality of work. This will differentiate you from your competitors and you will earn a bigger share of the pie!


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