5 Apps To Manage Your Business Meetings Efficiently

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Tired of endless meetings with no real results? Try out one of these 5 apps to engage your team & manage your business meetings more effectively!

There are multiple books and other materials for effective meeting management. However, it might be impractical to expect that you’d remember all the constructive advice when you have a meeting. Recalling that advice at the right time is another thing that doesn’t come with a guarantee.

With more and more employees working remotely, there are advantages to be enjoyed globally. For example, your hiring or recruiting pool is not limited to local talent anymore. This means you can get the best person for any job regardless of where they are living.

However, with the benefits come drawbacks. Being so far away from each other can make collaborating on a project or even getting regular updates difficult. So, what do you do? Ensure that all team members are on the same page by integrating automated office technology into the daily, weekly, or monthly meeting schedule. Additionally, you can use AirG Reviews to create chat rooms where everyone can interact.

The apps we have listed for you can drastically increase meeting efficiency for you and all your employees or attendees. So, let’s get into them:

#1 Sched

Sched can be used to plan a meeting because that is what it essentially is: an event management tool. Since all the planning will be done on one platform, Sched can be used to bring more attendees together. It helps in the management and creation of personalized agendas, directories, sessions, and attendee profiles. You can also make customized websites and mobile apps for any meeting or event.

#2 Zapier

When planning a meeting, an important factor is time. During the organizing phase, you should ensure that you and the other attendees will be able to set sufficient time aside to attend. This will, in turn, determine who would be able to join. Consequently, the attendees will define what you’ll be discussing in a meeting.

Zapier is an app that makes the use of other apps unnecessary since it connects them all. You can automate routine tasks and workflows through it. For example, an email in your Gmail inbox is reminding you of a meeting that is supposed to happen. Attached to it is the meeting agenda. As soon as it drops into your virtual mailbox, Zapier will copy the attachment files and place them in your Dropbox folder. While it does that, it will send you an immediate alert via Slack – if you use that. Or, it will open a video conference tool like Zoom when the meeting is about to begin.

#3 nTask

nTask is a task manager that makes it easier for you to manage your meetings while also handling other neighboring activities. You can use nTask for the team, project, risks, and issue management.

How does nTask do all that? It starts by prompting you to make a meeting agenda that is clear enough for all attendees to understand. You can set the starting time, the date or duration of the meeting, and other important time-based factors, such as the recurrence period.

All tasks that you will assign during a meeting can be equipped with a link through nTask. Besides this, the crucial things like the discussion points, further steps, and the decision that must be taken can also be defined through nTask.

Its highly compatible nature makes nTask a great fit for both iOS and Android platforms. So, what else can you do with nTask? Schedule a meeting and then decide which of your attendees can edit the meeting material. Remind them to show up for the event, and view the meeting materials, as well as, the minutes spent.

#4 Minute

Planning a meeting that doesn’t require much of an effort? Alternatively, thinking of simplifying a complicated meeting agenda for the attendees? You need Minute for both! Everything that the people attending the meeting need to know is present on a single page.

You may create the agenda as the meeting organizer on your own or have one made collaboratively by your team. Either way, it will be located at the top of the window. Of course, things can change during a meeting, so will the agenda. When this happens, drag the new additions, and drop them into order.

Don’t feel like wasting time while going in circles? Use the app’s optional timer to time how long the attendees spend discussing a certain topic. Finish meetings on time and stay on track with the help of Minute!

#5 Wisembly Jam

Did you ever feel like you have a thousand things to do but no time to do them? Often meetings get messy in the same way and don’t achieve their objectives. Want to ensure that discipline remains intact? Then try out Wisembly Jam, which ensures the meeting’s productivity at all levels.

By scanning your calendar, it determines if there is enough time for you to address each of the meeting topics listed on the agenda. You don’t just set your own timetable; you may also do it for the other participants by setting goals for them.

Moreover, Wisembly Jam will induce an alert when you have too little time left. Besides this, you can easily note down the minutes of a meeting and share them. Want to ensure that your team will complete the tasks within the assigned time? Then keep track of follow-ups with Wisembly Jam. Remember to add a well-defined outcome for each task and make follow-up even more fruitful!

At present, about 4.3 million employees are working remotely for at least half the time they work! Their ranks will keep on growing until 2020 when half of the US workforce will be working out of their homes. The only way forward for companies and their leadership is by embracing cloud-based technology. With the assistance of apps that are also based in the cloud, teams can communicate and collaborate easily and swiftly. While they all have great things to offer, we recommend that you choose one of these five options to get the most out of it!




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