What Tech Are The Fastest Growing eCommerce Companies Using?

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The emergence of technology has changed the way that we communicate and do business, with no signs of slowing down. Tech is deeply ingrained in our lives and in our businesses as well. Taking the fastest growing eCommerce companies as an example, we'll help you make informed decisions about which tech you should be using.

We can reach customer bases all over the world through eCommerce. For a startup, this can be exciting as well as daunting. Technology has made it possible to run your business from anywhere in the world, a business model that was previously extremely difficult or nonexistent.

Growth Opportunity vs. Competition

In this fast-paced digital world, there are immense opportunities for growth. The flipside is that now there is an immense amount of competition vying for every ounce of market share. Edge out the competition and increase your bottom line, market share, profit, customer loyalty and satisfaction. The tech factors that have a huge effect on your startup’s success include advertising, eCommerce interfaces, payment platforms, shipping providers, and analytics platforms.

The eCommerce applications included in this study provide much more than a functioning electronic marketplace. They provide you with tools to measure your eCommerce efficiently so that you can improve your conversion rate.

Secure payment platforms are hugely important to consumers. Fear of having their information stolen will immediately drive customers away if they feel the payment platform isn’t secure and trusted. Well established payment platforms take the uncertainty and pressure off of you and your customers.

With the rise of Amazon prime shipping, consumers expect fast, reliable and very cheap or free shipping. Picking the best shipping provider will have a huge correlation to customer satisfaction.

Advertising has rapidly and dramatically changed in recent years. There are many new avenues to promote your product or service. Make sure that you’re reaching your target market and showing them unique and tailored content.

Analytics are crucial when measuring the effectiveness of your business practices. Accurate information from the best analytics platforms will help you eliminate waste coverage and see a better ROI.

It is a logical assumption that we should look to the successful businesses and learn from their practices. The hard part is collecting that data and putting it all together to analyze it. Luckily, RedStagFullfillment has sifted through the data and organized the findings that you need in this post and infographic.

Although there is no guaranteed success in the world of business and entrepreneurship, these tech programs will dramatically increase your chance of growing a successful business. Afterall, it is no coincidence that the most successful companies are using the same tech, these numbers don’t lie.


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