How To Increase Conversion Rates For Your Website

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Increasing conversion rates is easier said than done. To help you out on this one we've put together a list of 8 tips to keep in mind!

If you listen closely, you’ll notice that one of the most important aspects businesses are focusing on these days are conversion rates. More specifically, increasing them.

What Are Conversion Rates?

To fully understand how to increase them, one must first know what these conversation rates are and why maintaining them at a high level is so important. A raw definition of conversation rates refers to the percentage of customers who perform a certain action you have initiated, bearing this exact purpose in mind.

For a better comprehension of the concept, here are a few examples to help you out:

  • The percentage of the users who browse through your website and respond to your call to action; they can either contact your company, buy a product or fill out a form.
  • The percentage of your callers who get issued proposals.
  • The number of the proposals you end up winning.

Why do companies insist so much on increasing their conversion rates? The answer is really simple and after carefully going through all the information provided above, anyone will come to the same conclusion: an increased conversion rate equals an increased profit.

In the world of conversion rates there is always room left for improvement. As a result, it doesn’t matter how good yours is; you can always make it better.

How To Improve Your Conversion Rate?

There are two ways of doing it: online and offline. For now, our focus goes solely on the online part, so here are a few tips you may want to consider:

#1 Use Testimonials

Testimonials, case studies or any form of social proof is a guaranteed way of improving conversion rates. The simple fact that potential customers have the chance to read your current customers’ opinions and feel their experience, will have a drastic impact on your profits.

#2 Contact Information

Leave no room for ambiguity. A clear contact information as a phone number or an email address, people can reach you, not to mention a concrete physical address, will reinforce the fact that the company is real and that their questions will be answered at all time.

#3 Headlines

This is one aspect you want to put some extra work in. Headlines are the first thing people read when going through your website and they usually decide whether they are about to read more or simply exit. A great headline will have a powerful impact on your conversation rate, so make sure that you create a brilliant one!

#4 Clear Benefits Listing

Don’t just enumerate the benefits of your products and services. Explain clearly how they will impact your customer’s life and how they will help them in their everyday endeavours.

#5 Use Videos On Your Landing Pages

A simple video included in one of your landing pages will show customers that behind your brand, there is a real face, a real person, making everything more humanized.

#6 Hyper Copywriting

Lose it!

The more hyped your text is, the smaller the chances of increasing your conversion rate. Users are usually interested in knowing exactly what the product does. So, the more you talk “on the side”, the less you have to gain. Elaborate a clear, focused writing style that will help your visitors make a conscious purchase decision.

#7 Clear Value Proposition

Be straightforward with your potential customers and tell them exactly what makes your product/service different from everything else that there is already on the market.

#8 Experiment With Your CTA Button

Depending on its position, color or the text it contains, your CTA button could have different results when it comes to converting users to customers. Don’t be afraid and test it for a while!

There is one main thing you need to remember when it comes conversion rates: in order to become successful, testing is a mandatory part of the whole process. So chances are that, what may work for a website and for an audience, will not work for another one. Always test new ideas, new approaches.

There are no standard formulas you can apply. You will find out what works best for your company, only after a few failures and disappointments. But don’t worry! It’s all part of the experience!



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