ThinkBiz Is Greece’s Career-Boost Initiative From Youngsters For Youngsters

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Athens is a city that, despite facing the impacts of an economic crisis, endures. It is a vibrant city, a city that never sleeps, a city which has not given up on its youngsters.

The young people of Athens, on their part, have not given up on their future and prospects either. This is the reason why during the last years, many initiatives have been created by young people that, with their motivation, their passion, their ambition and their eagerness to overcome the obstacles, aim to boost entrepreneurship. A good example of such an initiative is the NGO ThinkBiz.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Spirit

ThinkBiz is an organization that connects young people with companies, promotes business initiatives and cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit that pushes the growth the Greek economy greatly needs. But let’s get into the story from the beginning.

Founded in 2011 by a team of five students from Athens’ University of Economics and Business, ThinkBiz is the first Greek community that supports organizations in finding young talents and also supports young people to pursue their dreams in the startup world. Each one of the founders had a different business plan to create their own startup. To achieve these goals, they had to collaborate and develop a business ecosystem that would support their plans. ThinkBiz now serves as a linkage between the University and related institutions and the business world through promoting innovation and supporting clever ideas. What started with a small group of people that shared common values and perspectives about success and failure has now grown to 50 people from different institutions and backgrounds.

Mentors & Networks As The Foundation Of Success

ThinkBiz connects young people with major Greek and multinational companies and helps them work toward their startup idea by providing information, tips, and instructions for the realization of the project. Leveraging a broad network, the NGO organizes seminars, workshops, projects, and events that boost entrepreneurial ideas. Some of their most recent and most successful events included the “Athens Startup Weekend”; a weekend-long event where (aspiring) entrepreneurs find out whether their startup ideas are viable through the guidance of experienced mentors.

University communities like ThinkBiz are the active voices of our societies that express the need for creative thinking that enables growth in the most vivid way. Young people joining this kind of organizations leverage the benefits of networking and develop organizational skills. The final aim for ThinkBiz is to create a global network of young entrepreneurs that share ideas, form teams, build their career and launch their own startup.

The first step of such an exciting journey is to always pursue the opportunities that come in your way. Get in touch with the local community of your city and take advantage of the most creative aspects of a business.



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