“A Successful Company Never Stops Innovating”, Says Swiss FinTech SecurionPay

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In the financial service industry, innovation is vital for survival. We spoke to Sandra Wróbel-Konior, Marketing Manager at SecurionPay, about their newly developed solutions, such as a non-invasive 3D authentification, and the company's 3-digit growth rate.

How would you describe SecurionPay in a few words?

SecurionPay is a payment platform based in Switzerland that focuses on fast and simple payment processing that increases merchants’ conversion rate while providing superior customer experience — without redirections and distractions.

Our company is known as a payment solution that changes the approach to online payments by delivering top-level security, ultimate flexibility, as well as fast and extremely simple implementation. Payments processing, with all features, works seamlessly on both online and mobile sources.

What inspired you to create the platform? How did it all start?

The story behind our company is straightforward. SecurionPay’s co-founders have participated in multiple projects focused on online payments and realized that none of the companies that existed on the market back then were able to fully address European merchants’ needs related to payments. So, it was natural that they wanted to change it.

Being in the payment industry throughout all those years had taught them plenty. Through meeting with online business owners both of them became aware that merchants mostly struggled with integration and that they’ve come across many technical problems on their way. Merchants were also grappling with a never-ending compliance process. This was the turning point that made them create a platform that addresses all merchants’ problems and is a combination of flexibility, usability, and superior experience.

With your services, you focus on specific industries. Which industries are these and why is SecurionPay an advantage in those?

As a company based in Europe, we focus on businesses incorporated in European countries, but with our platform, they can process online and mobile payments across the world. Our solution is designed to facilitate payments among a varied range of industries, such as e-commerce, online dating, online gaming and ticket purchasing, to name a few. By learning specific merchants’ problems, we have been able to create the platform that positions us as the partner of choice, for instance in the dating industry.

We provide a very pro-merchant approach and develop our solution in a way that gives our clients more time to focus on things that really matter to improve their business. The cherry on top was developing the non-invasive 3D Secure authentication, available only on our platform, and which helps merchants advance their security and minimize the number of chargebacks without any drop in conversion. One of our clients in the dating industry rapidly extracted value out of it and noticed that their liability shift accuracy improved from 1% up to 52%, so providing this smart solution was a huge success.

A few months ago, we’ve also opened our platform to Forex by starting a partnership with XTB, a world leader in FX and CFD trading publicly listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The previous year ended up with several new partnerships and a few more acquiring banks on board, so we have our goals set on other verticals and markets.

SecurionPay has gained a lot of momentum with over a 600% year to year growth and a 70% increase in clients in 2017 alone. What actions do you attribute this success to? In what ways will you make sure make the most out of this momentum?

We can see continued success and an extraordinary, 3-digit growth rate, so we feel confident that we are heading in the right direction with strong prospects for future growth. And, most importantly, we listen to our current and potential customers, so we are up to date with their struggles and needs.

At SecurionPay, we believe that a successful company never stops innovating and optimizing customer experience. That’s what positions us as a company that delivers always better payments.

With SecurionPay Academy, you also put a lot of effort into educating your customers including video tutorials. What kind of content do you focus on and what knowledge do viewers gain?

At SecurionPay Academy, we have provided educational videos from the very beginning, because following feedback from our clients, we’ve seen that there’s a real interest in video content across technical topics. In general, they wanted to know better how the entire payment system works and how they can use our solution for their everyday operations.

We also publish these videos with transcriptions on our blog, so everyone who is interested in a specified topic can quickly get back to a certain part of the video. Our Support Team also noticed that answering payment questions this way, streamlines their work, as they can send a link to a certain video or a blog post that explains the entire topic.

We plan to extend the Academy with certain information and tips for merchants to make them more confident with their payment system. Our aim is to show them ways to maximize their revenue in the most efficient and effective way.

SecurionPay’s team has more than 16 years of experience working for payment companies in Europe, qualifying you to understand the needs of your customers. What else makes you stand out from the crowd of FinTechs? What is the key differentiator?

One of the key differentiators is increased payment conversion, which is a result of the complete abandonment of redirections onto the external payment forms, which belong to 3rd party providers. In general, by simplifying payments and making the checkout process faster by 2-4 minutes, merchants are able to increase their sales and conversion by 19% on average. Our clients also take full advantage of the cross-sales solution, which gives them a notable increase in sales, on average by 22%.

We’re quite keen on making our solution fit our clients’ needs as much as possible, which is why they have full control over the development process and can easily integrate based on their setup, programming language, etc. Using the most innovative technology available creates a unique experience at each stage of using our platform. It starts with a paperless application and then leads to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based fraud prevention, non-invasive 3D Secure and a set of APIs that developers dig into with ease. This makes us one of, if not the most flexible payment gateway on the market. At SecurionPay, we strive to provide an all-in-one payment solution that merchants will ever need, with various payment methods, huge flexibility, and top-notch security.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our passionate, multinational team that consists of professionals with payments, IT and FinTech backgrounds that have worked for well-known technological companies.

Speaking of security, what’s your take on it?

SecurionPay meets the strictest PCI requirements, which means that merchants don’t have to worry about being PCI compliant or that their systems touch customers’ sensitive data. We follow all technological improvements that can be implemented into their solution, so our clients can benefit from a machine learning built-in security system, as well as AI used to identify any risk in no time.

What is the biggest challenge that your company has faced so far?

From the very start, one of the biggest challenges was convincing merchants that payment processing doesn’t have to be complicated and painful. Our aim was to change their way of perceiving payments from clunky systems to an easy-to-use and customer friendly platform that lets them create any scenario that fulfills their needs.

We just wanted to show them that when something is not working, and when their customers leave each time the checkout process begins, they can simply switch their obsolete payment solution, without any hurdles. We’ve seen a large percentage of our new business partners come through recommendations and reviews from our existing clients, so that’s why we’re confident that our solution drives them great results.

What’s more, recently, we’ve streamlined the convenience of an onboarding process to take the pain out of merchants and make it as quick as submitting an application. Usually, the entire underwriting process takes too long and stops merchants from starting their online business at the speed they need. That’s why now, we make merchants go live in the shortest time possible, with a rapid response.

What’s next for SecurionPay?

We follow all payment related regulations, which results in making our platform PSD2 ready, as well as enabling support for SEPA and cryptocurrency payments. We also work on another innovative solution to enhance security and eliminate the risk during online payment.

Moreover, in keeping a strong focus on our clients’ convenience, we’ve released a site for merchants using Amazon Web Services, giving them extra benefits, which is a step forward to provide the best-in-class payment experience.

We see that there is a great need for our solution and a growing awareness that new technology can really benefit those who do business on the Internet, so instinctively, we’re setting even more ambitious goals for the years to come.

What’s one piece of advice you can give to fellow founders for their startup?

Everything starts with a vision but one of the most important things is to create a product or service in the best way possible from the very start. Founders should focus on their strengths. It’s obvious they need to take a risk sometimes to make smart decisions that in turn let their business thrive. It’s about making a choice and weighing the options.

Also, one of the biggest determinants of their success is a team of passionate and highly talented people. Having the right people by your side helps founders avoid micromanagement and can work wonders, especially early on.



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