Finding Your Personal Vision

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Do you ever feel like you need to be doing something else? Something bigger? With a better purpose? Here's what you need and how to find your personal vision!

Last week, I was at the Koshy’s Group of Institutions in Bangalore speaking to their final year MBA students. The topic was “Finding Your Personal Vision” – I thought some of you could benefit from what was spoken at the session, or at least a summary of what was said.

Why Do We Need A Vision?

So why do we need to have a personal vision? Because all of us have an innate desire for purpose. There’s a longing within each one of us to live purposeful, meaningful lives. To live intentionally. To contribute towards the world, to make life more enjoyable.

Are you driving a compelling vision for your company or team? Do you have a vision for your relationships and career? In order to live life each day with meaning, contentment and joy we need to have a personal vision that interconnects with our talents, our passions and what we really care about in this World.

Here are three dimensions for you to consider as you chalk out your personal vision:

#1 A Passionate Purpose

People who have a vision have a cause, reason or purpose that they are passionate about. They have found something that they are deeply concerned about and then they go about trying to fulfill it. What separates people with a passionate vision and purpose from other people is that they see roadblocks and failures as opportunities to adapt and evolve and eventually to grow. They aren’t easily demotivated. The picture of their vision gives them fuel to endure and persevere.

#2 A Growth Mindset

I did – I failed – I learned – I can: The growth mindset is a mindset that helps you continue to grow and learn. There are two types of mindsets – Growth and Fixed. The fixed mindset usually functions like this: I did – I failed – I cannot. The primary difference between the growth and fixed mindset is that the growth mindset views failures as opportunities to learn and grow. Such kind of a mindset is necessary to build a personal vision. To have the ability to keep learning and growing as opposed to letting your mindset and your life be determined by your failures is important to develop a personal vision for your life.

#3 Strong Character

You may have all the talents in the world and you can make all the money in the world but if you don’t have a strong character you have nothing, because you will eventually lose everything you have been striving for if you don’t have the right character. You need a strong character to even maintain your wealth. You need character if you want to enjoy your wealth, prosperity with a purpose is more fulfilling. Without a set of uncompromising ethics and principles, you cannot accomplish great things. People venture out with a desire to make a lot of wealth (which is not a wrong thing) but they do this without a good foundation of values and principles. To develop a personal vision for your life, you need to have a strong foundation of values and principles.

Envision the end at the beginning. The whole point of having a vision for your life is to give you the fuel to endure and persevere in tough situations. There will be many situations and circumstances that can cause you to stop believing, but the continuous picture of your vision will help you focus on something so much bigger than yourself.

Pursue something that is much bigger than yourself. Keep your eyes fixed on the goal and live with purpose and passion.



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