How Startups Are Getting A Head Start In Coworking Spaces

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When you are in the throws of creating your own startup, you’ll be keeping a close eye on every spend and expense that goes in and out. Pinching the pennies is a core need for first-time business owners, which is why many startups choose more affordable coworking spaces as their base.

These flexible and collaborative spaces are a cheaper way for many startups to place themselves in the heart of the action, without having to spend thousands each month on rent to have a private office.

How Coworking Is Helping Startups Become Scale-ups

When many startup businesses first walk through the doors of their chosen coworking space, they are probably at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. So many startups enter coworking spaces as sole traders or ambitious solo entrepreneurs, but with the help of the community and amenities of the coworking space, they soon create the business of their dreams.

Coworking spaces are designed with collaboration in mind, bringing businesses together to create a strong networking environment. The connections that many business owners make during their time in coworking spaces carry them forward on their business growth journey.

With regular events held for tenants and the space (usually offered free of charge) to hold your own events, startups have plenty of opportunities to meet and network with people both in- and outside of their own industry to give their business the best chance of thriving.

These spaces are often just the first step in a business’ life and many will stay in their coworking spaces for up to 3 years, before moving on to their own private office space. This gives them enough time to take advantage of the benefits offered by the spaces and focus their time, energy and money on the most important thing… growing their business!

The Flexibility Of Coworking For Startups

One of the most popular reasons for choosing a coworking space as a base to start-up in is that these types of workspaces offer the most flexibility for growing businesses.

Even those sole-traders and entrepreneurs that start small, have room to expand and grow within the same space. Many start with a singular desk and as their team begins to grow, they soon find themselves needing their own private office, which they can easily upgrade to within a coworking space.

There’s no need to move furniture and equipment from building to building, simply move it to another floor or even into the next room!

Save Money And Redistribute Funding

Your business’ home says a lot about you as a company, so it’s important that you give the right impression to anyone who may be visiting. Having your own private rented office gives you everything you need to give the most professional impression as possible, however, it comes at a cost.

Having your own office space may seem like the right step to take as a startup, but it can end up costing you money that could go into growing your business. These coworking spaces and hot desking allows you to firmly set roots down in a singular place, without having to spend thousands every month.

Scaling up your businesses can be one of the most difficult things to do and freeing up extra funds could be the thing that helps you overcome your biggest obstacle and become a fully fledged scale up.



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