5 Benefits Of Collaborative Office Spaces That Will Make Your Employees Thrive

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Today’s workplaces are becoming more and more isolated and, as a consequence, less productive. To counter this trend, have a look at these 5 benefits of collaborative offices:

Cubicles and segregated work desks discourage collaboration and exacerbate startup cultures that foster competition instead of teamwork. The result is a high-stress work environment that benefits neither employees nor companies.

To break the trend, we need to move towards workplaces that engender collaboration and collective thinking. Progressive companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook are at the forefront of the shift towards coworking through shared desks, open spaces, and several other amenities that encourage collaboration.

What is more, companies like Common Desk, that allow professionals to rent a shared office space, are growing in demand. Here are 5 Benefits Of Collaborative Office Spaces.

#1 Teamwork Over Competition

Whether intentionally or not, many of today’s workplaces value individuals over groups. This is evident in the way most companies are structured. Startups and departments commonly practice ranking employees and awarding individual talent, which inadvertently forces employees to compete amongst each other. The result is a workplace that cannibalizes itself instead of moving towards a collective goal. Welcome to office politics.

Collaborative workspaces give teams the opportunity to work with each other and strive towards common goals and objectives. What is more, these kinds of work environments foster friendship and camaraderie within the workplace.

#2 Melting Pot For New Ideas

Working alongside people from different fields and different backgrounds can bring a lot of fresh perspective to your work. Many times, your co-workers can look at the problems and challenges you face and tackle it from another, unexpected angle. Likewise, you can bring a fresh perspective to the work of others as well.

A collaborative workspace that allows for the sharing of ideas will ultimately benefit the entire company. After all, the whole can always be greater than the sum of its parts.

#3 Better Office Health

Workspaces that encouraged collaboration were shown to reduce stress and depression while boosting employees’ overall mood. In today’s nerve-wracking and stressful world, it’s important to cultivate meaningful relationships whether at work or at home.

#4 More Energetic

A career consigned to the four small corners of an office cubicle can rob you of your motivation and drive. Regain your energy and work with others. With collaborative workspaces, employees can motivate each other and benefit from a fast-paced and motivated environment.

Working beside like-minded people can rekindle your drive and give you an emotional boost. Instead of spending your day cramped up in a tiny box, spend time working with and alongside motivated professionals.

#5 Conducive To Efficiency And Productivity

Collaborative environments have a way of bringing out the best in people and in groups. In a study by the Harvard Business Review on thriving at the workplace, professionals who worked in co-working spaces scored 6 out of a possible 7 points – a full point higher than their cubicle-dwelling counterparts. No wonder more and more companies are thinking out of the box – and beyond the cubicle!

To make the workplace more efficient, startups are making collaborative work more accessible through technology such as digital printing equipment, shared networks, ergonomic office furniture, and many others.



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