Startup Leadership Essentials: How To Get Ahead By Not Really Trying To

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You're new to a leadership position and are looking for an easy way? Though there's generally not, our leadership essentials show one way to get ahead in the game:

In today’s highly competitive world there is an intense sense of competition among peers to get ahead of each other in the “rat race”. Someone famously said, “what’s interesting about the term “rat race” is that at the end of the race you still remain a rat”. Jokes apart, this is a real thing that we deal with in this world. Now, it is glamorous to strive to be that millionaire CEO with three rounds of funding it is highly essential that we understand the essence of leadership and make it a point to not repeat the mistakes made by those who went before us.

It’s Not About The Position On Your Business Card

I want to be clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to be a CEO or launching a startup. If you have decided to go the entrepreneurial route I commend you – it’s a bold and courageous step that you have taken. That being said, let me get right to the message I hope to convey through this article. If you want to get ahead in your career there is only one way – effective leadership. As John Maxwell famously says in his book, Developing the Leader Within You “everything rises and falls on leadership” – every decision that you make in your professional or even your personal life will cause you to either rise or fall. By your decisions and thinking processes you will either grow in your leadership abilities or fail to grow.

I want to challenge you to change your perspective on what leadership truly is. It is not merely a title or a position. Leadership in it’s very essence is serving people with influence. Yes, serving people and influencing people are at the very heart of leadership. If you want to get ahead in your professional life without really trying to, try to build a serving attitude combined with a genuine desire to influence people in a positive way. Aspiring for position and recognition is not a bad thing but it should never become the ultimate thing. Why do you desire fame, glory and importance? A good reason would be because you desire to influence people to bring out the very best in them. On a side note, always ask yourself “why”? Question your own emotions, thoughts and tendencies. Study them and reflect on them.

Until you reach a place in your life where influence and impact on people mean more to you than position or authority you are not completely ready to lead. Desiring to “be your own boss” is very different in the practical world. Here’s a small sneak peek: No, it does not include belting out orders and making decisions from your corner office, quite the contrary to say the least. Are you ready to do the work of a cleaner, salesman, marketing promoter, delivery boy, clerk, receptionist? Starting-up is quite literal. It means as CEO or founder you need to pitch in whenever you need to, no job can be too low for you because you are here to serve and influence.

The greatest leaders always combined their genuine desire to serve people along with an equally passionate desire to influence people. I promise you that if you keep service and influence towards people as the most important priorities in your life you will get ahead without really trying to!



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