Smart Marketing Strategies For Launching Your Fashion Startup

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Are you excited to get your new clothing line out? With our 7 effective marketing tips in mind, you'll make sure your fashion startup becomes the talk of the town!

Plenty of ambitious youngsters rush the setup of their startup businesses because of all the excitement around entering the world of fun and glamour. Hurrying is rarely going to be a successful tactic in any industry. Not only will passion and talent be required of you to make a long lasting fashion business out of a quaint startup, but also a coherent plan which utilizes new marketing ideas.

#1 Remember: Style Over Fashion

Fashion trends are just that, trends. They last a little while, typically a season, and then they are done for a time, maybe even for decades. The key takeaway here is that you must market yourself as unique, and as having something special to offer that other brands don’t have. This means that you will have to work at creating and genuinely being that distinctive brand with its niche style and selling point.

#2 Incorporate Experienced Professionals

An obvious and necessary route of marketing is through social media. Most people use one or more platforms, while some demographics will be more engaged with some platforms than others, and will mainly be online at certain times. The channels through which you can connect with an audience are vast, so many startups will opt to hire a professional team to market their merchandise in the most effective ways. For the beginning, a few low budget Facebook campaigns will do the trick, allowing you to only target potential customers who already have an interest in your brand’s field.

#3 Continue The Catwalk

Hosting events is crucial to your fashion startup and overall business model. They can be made for charity and can also be sponsored by other brands. These events are essentially experiential marketing, which engages directly with your customers. They require a lot of diverse experience and skills, which is exactly why contemporary curriculums, such as the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at IED Barcelona, provide students with a comprehensive knowledge enabling them to be innovative, professional, and to be able to perform any task around branding and production. Don’t forget to film your events so that you can use some great footage as future promotional material.

#4 Take Control Whilst Branching Out

Having your very own website which works as an online store, displays professionalism and is made much simpler with companies who allow you to easily create, and customize your own pages. An added benefit of having an online store is that you can reach a bigger audience who don’t necessarily have to be in the same country as your store to make a purchase. By reaching out to customers online, you can save a lot of money from not renting out multiple spaces, and from expanding too quickly with a large workforce.

#5 Don’t Overlook Traditional Channels

As most of society has embraced various social media platforms, all easily accessible through mobile phones that are always within arm’s reach, other effective channels are not being made use of. Magazines and newspapers have always been extensively used by fashion brands to help reach their target audiences. Other print methods include billboards and flyers. Despite a lean towards online viewing, the television is still very much alive. So if you have built enough capital to invest, and you can ensure that you will reach the right audience, then this channel is still relevant and viable to use.

#6 Create A Memorable & Eye-Catching Logo

A logo is usually the first thing that people will associate with your brand. It will also be the main thing that they remember from your adverts and designs, and therefore will be the thing that catches their eye in the future, so don’t underestimate its importance. If a logo with 3 stripes or a logo with a tick were mentioned, you would know immediately which brands were being referenced without having to hear their names. That’s how powerful a logo can be.

#7 Offer Enticing Incentives

People love a discount, and always feel emotionally lifted when they can get even a small bargain. Discounts for specific products, promotional offers, and end of season sales are all welcome to customers.

Emailing is an effective channel to alert the masses quickly and cheaply. Don’t overuse the email route, or you will end up being blocked, effectively turning customers away. Use all the holidays and seasonal points in a year as the perfect excuse to promote.

As you can see, fashion, design, planning, coordinating, and marketing all go hand-in-hand. Freely utilize your skills and experiences to create unique brands and products that are effectively communicated to customers, raising awareness, and seeing your ‘startup’ a prosperous ‘up-and-running’.



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