Event Management: 5 Tips To Set You Apart From The Rest

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To get a top position in event management, it's essential to give your attendees a unique experience. We've gathered 5 tips to get you there!

The world of marketing is gigantic today. It seems like every other person you meet is a marketing specialist. No matter the type. There are thousands of SEO specialists, various managers, marketers of all kinds. In order to succeed in such a congested environment, you have to be innovative, always looking for ways to better things and leave your own mark.

The same can be said for event managers. Back in the day, it was simple, host a dinner at some fancy restaurant and share your ideas. Nowadays it’s a bit more sophisticated than that. So, let’s take a look at some pro tips that will set you apart from the mainstream ways (and managers) that deal with event planning and management.

#1 Data Is Your Friend

When it comes to event management and planning, you have to base each decision on data. Identify ways to quantify and learn from those efforts as an event manager. For example, a good start would be to measure NPS and implement surveys that aren’t simple opinions and anecdotes. Then use those metrics to determine whether the decisions you are about to make will have a real effect. Learn about your attendees, learn about the venue, always gather data.

Having good data won’t just make it easier for you to design and plan better events, it will put you in a situation where you’ll be able to negotiate and push back when clients have ideas that you can prove never worked in the past. And when you prove that, you pave the way for your ideas and yours only.

#2 Be Creative

In the world of black and white event managers, be the one that shines in vibrant colors. And there is no other way to become like that than to be creative. Okay, it’s important to be a good communicator, organizational skills should go without saying but all of that and many other skills won’t make you stand out if you aren’t creative. You have to be innovative and put both the time and the effort into event planning and managing. Why? Because once the event starts the experience is all the matters. What your attendees feel, what they think of your event, that’s what’s important. And you can look outside of the events world for creativity. Look for ways to make your event different from others. Pay attention to detail.

#3 Specialized Software

Staying on top of your rivals means that you always have to keep track of new trends. Seeing that many conference events involve presentations and video content, you’ll make great use of keeping an eye out for new presentation software. For example, ‘common’ managers will resort to PowerPoint or Prezi and similar software when presenting. Don’t be like one of them.

Look for better and more up to date apps. Esthetics matter, bear that in mind. For example, if you have important info and data to talk about, maybe think of getting a good infographic maker. It’s easier to get the message through and say what’s on your mind with sweet infographics. Infographics make data and processes accessible and memorable.

#4 Unique Also Includes A Unique Place

Want to be unique and recognized for it, host your events at unique venues. Many event planners and managers don’t have the benefit of always choosing the venue they like for their events. On the other hand, there are companies like Apple and Huawei that have enough funds to host their events on the moon if they like. Okay, hosting an event on the moon would probably sky-rocket you up in the clouds from your rivals but let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much.

Choose a unique venue that not many have chosen before. Venue plays an important role in event management. Your attendees need to feel good and the venue is a great factor when it comes to that. Go for different, unique venues such as secret bars, rooftops, everything that stands out. Don’t be lazy, do the research and make sure you find a special place for your special event.

#5 Social Media

This part deals with event planning mainly. But that’s also within the job description of a good event manager, right? Take advantage of social media. It is the 21st century, we are all present online, your company and your event have to be there too. However, don’t just go around posting pics, status updates and random videos.

These poster examples will help inspire you to create eye-catching visuals for social media to attract sign ups to your event. Select a team of your coworkers that will be consistent online before, during and after the event. Also, bringing in influencers would be great. That’s how you’ll really get recognized out there. Be aggressive and make people talk about your event. That will not only help your event, your company and the company’s rep but it will also do wonders to your business reputation too.


In order to be different, you have to think differently. Always investigate and look for new ways to do the ‘old’ things. Creativity, thinking out of the box, always looking for unique things – these features have to be on your resume if you want to be a valued, one-step-ahead-of-the-rest event manager.



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