Why Being Passionate And Visionary Is Not Enough

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Your vision that you're so very passionate may be your key to success. However, you will need even more to accomplish something really big.

Hard Truth

Most people tell most people that you need to be really passionate about achieving your dreams and you need to have a “clear vision” to know where your heading etc. While this is very true, they however miss out on telling you about something that makes your “passion” and “vision” look more realistic in terms of actually achieving it.
That dreaded word is sacrifice. People who want to achieve their goals and dreams are passionate people with a clear vision and a lot of sacrifice. They sacrifice the now for the future (sometimes, they do it while not even being sure that it will pay off in the future). It’s true!

Tough Choices

Having a passion isn’t really enough. You can be super-passionate about something but be un-willing to step outside your zone of comfort – to stop the expensive night-outs, the fancy brunches, quit your shopping habits, maybe use a lesser-expensive cell phone, pay a cheaper rent, say no to hanging out with your buddies after work hours.
It could even mean working for a lesser-paying job but with more hours to spare so you can work on that business idea you have. There’s a whole lot of sacrifices that the successful people you see out there have actually made and who still do.

Perfect Combination

So if you want to achieve your dreams and goals, if you want to see that vision you have come to pass – you have got to make some sacrifices. I’d like to call it joyful sacrifice because in the end it’s totally worth it. Passion, clear vision and sacrifice is an unbeatable combination for success.


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