Make The Sacrifice Be Worth It

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As an entrepreneur there is no doubt you have to sacrifice some things for the sake of your business. But don't cry about it - make it worth it!

Most of the time, we go through life without appreciating the efforts that we or others do. That sacrifice that allows us to experience or get the things we strive for. Everything that happens in our lives is the result of a combination of millions of actions. Have you ever taken the time to think about it? From my experience, chances are that no. Instead, we tend to go through our day bitching about our situation. Complaining and barking. Blaming everything around us, all the way from our comfortable couch.

We complain about our studies, we complain about our bodies, our relationships, our lives, our bosses, our car, our government, etc, etc, etc. In a way, I understand it. I believe that Human beings are for sure the hardest thing to satisfy in the world. Nothing is ever enough. But actually I ask you, are you really giving your best? Don’t get me wrong. I do think that complaining is good because it drives us to constantly strive for more. But is our complaining grounded? It’s very easy to say that the professor is crap when we don’t want to do the homework. So then again, in everything that you do on a daily basis, are you making the most out of it? Are you fully, 100% present or are you just complaining? Do you see the sacrifice behind things?

Are you studying at University?

If you answered yes, have you ever taken the time to understand the effort that it takes to pay it? How about your grades? Are you been fair with all those people that would love to study but can’t afford it? How about the person who couldn’t get in the class because you took a spot and now he/she must wait (and pay) one more semester to graduate. Are you been fair with this person by getting the most out of the class?

Are you working?

If you answered yes, congrats! Now, from 0 to 100 how would you honestly rate your performance? Are you really giving all you can? Are you recognising the sacrifice that those who were not chosen did in order for you to get the job? Do you think about all those people who would like to have the job that you have? How about the way your performance impacts the other members of the Team?

Are you in a relationship?

If you answered yes, congrats as well! Now I ask you, how about your listening skills? Do you just listen to words or do you listen to emotions? Are you 100% mentally present in the moment or is your mind somewhere else when you share time together?

We have no control over what other people do. Others will always do whatever it is they want to do. But WE do have control over our own actions. Whenever we are doing something, we take time and resources to invest in it. Everything we do has an influence in the world. It creates situations that not only affect us. When you sacrifice time with your friends because you have to study, do you make the sacrifice be worth it? Are you fully present or you just start getting lost on Facebook. When you sacrifice being present at your girlfriend’s birthday to go on a business trip, do you make the sacrifice that you and your girlfriend make be worth it?

All I’m saying is, whatever you do, give yourself 100% because there is always a sacrifice been made. I encourage you to sit down, look at the different aspects of your life and write down all the small sacrifices that you and those around you do for you. We can always be more empathetic. Recognising the opportunities that have been given to us, allow us to make the most out of them. You may not like what you do now but if you understand how this sacrifice will get you closer to your final goal, it will be then more meaningful.



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