Opening A Concept Store: How To Get Things Off The Ground

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If you are planning to open a concept store, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Let's go through them!

In this dog-eat-dog business world, it’s important to stand out and be different from the competition. That’s why business owners look into unusual marketing ideas, tricks and hacks that should make their venture successful, but all of these things are sometimes just not enough. Therefore, you need to go in another direction, and completely change your approach towards your business. That’s something salespeople know the best, which is why concept stores are becoming more popular than ever – they’re attracting more people than your regular shops, creating a different shopping atmosphere, and earning more money. So, if you too are thinking about opening a concept store, here’s what you need to know to get things off the ground.

Initial Considerations

The problem with concept stores is that not enough people know what they’re really about – yes, their number is constantly on the rise, but that still doesn’t mean they’re as popular as you’d think. And the main reason why that’s the case is that people don’t understand their benefits. But, if you take a second to look into them, you’ll understand why concept stores are so much better than your regular brand stores.

Firstly, it’s all about creating a nice and pleasant atmosphere. This is something all customers value quite a lot, so it’s important to make your concept store inviting and welcoming, turning everyone’s shopping experience into something bigger than that. Also, you need to think about displaying your offer as well – unlike traditional shops, display ideas in concept stores should try to tell a story to a potential buyer. Finally, think about ways to connect to every single person who walks into your store and approach them individually, because happy customers are paying customers.

Brand Philosophy

Unless you have your own brand – which is something most concept store owners do, making their job much easier – you need to source the brands that are going to feature their merchandise in your store, and that might not be as easy as it sounds. You need to look into local brands that share your marketing and business philosophy because these are the people who you’ll probably be able to talk to easily, and then explore their offer.

After that, try to persuade them to appear in your concept store and actually share their products with you. Again, telling a story to a buyer is vital, so you might want to look into different brands that could work together nicely and complement each other. This way, you’ll be able to offer everything your potential buyers need and therefore prevent them from leaving your store before spending a ton of money on the stuff you’re offering.

Store Layout

Making all these different things work together is a challenge, and unless you come up with a viable idea straight away, your concept store will never become as successful as you’d like it to be. The design you opt for should incorporate different brands and make them all equally important and visible, as that’s the only way to keep each one of your associates happy.

However, you need to think about the comfort of your buyers as well and add some seating arrangements too. Most concept stores stick to sofas and chairs, but you could make the extra step and, instead of these simple solutions, opt for those comfy modular sofas that are changeable and highly adaptable. These pieces can fit into whatever space you have easily, giving your buyers tons of comfort and elevating the aesthetic appeal of your store at the same time. These things make them a win-win solution you should definitely look into as soon as possible.

Overcoming The Challenges

Running any business in today’s market is a huge challenge, and running a concept store is no different. Some of the things that might turn out to be a problem are the organization, the staff, the design, and the actual handling of different brands that need to work together in order for your store to be successful.

If you manage to make your retail displays work and design the store in accordance with the aforementioned pointers, you’ll create a cool atmosphere all your buyers are going to enjoy, and once you achieve that, it’s all about maintaining it. When it comes to organizing everything, you just need to plan ahead and get everything done before actually launching your store. Being prepared is crucial, so dedicate your time to this issue and make all your decisions beforehand, giving yourself enough time to fix everything that’s not working.

Launching a concept store will prove to be one of the biggest adventures in your life, so take it easy, don’t rush into it, and be prepared for success – because if you do everything in accordance with these pointers, success will come in no time!




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