4 Office Refurbishment Solutions For A Growing Startup

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All over the globe, the startup scene is booming, as the entrepreneurial age is creating an opportune growth environment for any business type – all you need is a good idea and a sound business plan to transform it into a profitable company. However, this doesn’t mean that the road to long-term success in the business world is not laden with perils and cumbersome challenges. Quite the contrary.

Of all the common pitfalls you should look out for, office refurbishment might not be one of your major concerns. Yet, in the millennial age, the design of the office space is a crucial element of a thriving 21st-century business, which begs the need to give your growing startup the office space your employees will love. Here’s your blueprint for a beautiful and functional office space.

#1 Look At The Bigger Picture

So, the time has come to make adaptations to your existing interior, or even renovate it completely. Good, this means your company is growing and that you’re in need of a bigger space that can accommodate the needs of your expanding team on a daily basis. But before you go ahead and try to meet these demands, think about what your startup might need in the near future.

It would be a sound business decision to make a detailed growth projection based on current internal trends in order to create an office design that can grow along with your company. Even if half the space you acquire now is not due to come to life for another year, you will still have the resources to scale accordingly when the time comes. This is why thinking long-term and observing a grander picture is worth your time, and money.

#2 Embrace The Open Floor Plan

Among the most prevailing trends that permeate the business industry in recent years, the open floor plan stands out as a beloved design solution by employees as well as clients. Simply put, the days of sectioned-off cubicle offices are long gone, and nowadays the millennial workforce wants and needs a space where they can communicate freely, exchange ideas, and create a positive company culture built on trust and co-dependence.

Needless to say, all of this can be achieved by knocking down a wall or two and creating one grand work area. But before you go ahead and eliminate every inkling of privacy from your office, keep in mind that there needs to be a balance between privacy and openness. Moreover, there is a need to boost cohesion with the smart use of your brand’s visuals.

#3 Let The Design Portray Your Brand

Without branding, there can be no long-term success in the competitive market. Your brand’s personality and image are the things that set you apart from the rest of the competition in the eyes of the customers, and it is the thing that creates an emotional connection between the company and its employees.

Current office refurbishment trends suggest a deep, inextricable connection between interior design and branding, a need to bring company colors, imagery, and decor pieces together to create a unique setting that portrays your brand values in the best possible way. This is a complex and nuanced task that requires a professional approach, one that can have a profound impact on the future of your startup.

#4 Create A Multifunctional Space

The modern office is a place where work is just another part of the daily lifestyle. This is not only a place where great ideas can come to life and propel the brand forward, but it’s also a place where people can socialize, exchange these ideas freely, hang out and talk about things unrelated to work, and simply enjoy their time in a peaceful, positive setting.

And this is exactly why you want to create a multifunctional space that can accommodate all of these needs and more. So consider introducing quiet booths to complement the open floor plan, a rec room where people can relax, a kitchen area, and a fitness studio where people can take a break from all the sitting and work on their physical health – which will directly affect their emotional and psychological well-being.

Expansion is exciting, but it can also be challenging and daunting at the same time. Many startups fail if it doesn’t scale properly and prepare for the challenges of growth, of which optimizing the office is vital for its survival. With these solutions in mind, you will have no problem building an office space your growing employee collective will love.



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