Investor Hunt: Why You Should Be Aiming For More Than Just The Match

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Your investor hunt is going at full speed? This can sometimes be a troubling experience. Few consultancies proove that's not the rule. Here's what you should know:

Yes, we’ve been over this topic before and you’ve probably also discussed it within your circle of trustees already. Nevertheless it’s a topic you definitely should confront yourself with. Not only because it will bring you a shit-ton of opportunities (along with money) but also valuable input that will help your startup progress. And by now you’ve probably guessed what I’m talking about: the investor hunt.

There’s a bunch of consultancies out there helping you to find THE perfect investor for your company. But wait! How is that possible? They’ve never met your whole team, let alone had a closer look at your business model or even asked for your input.

Sounds familiar? Well, there’s hope. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…to be more precise: 14 years ago in Vienna Brauneis & Partner was founded. Now, to be fair this is not the only consultancy for startups that will help you find an investor based on your needs. But we’ll use them as an example for what a great consultancy really should be doing for you.

#1 Understanding Your Business Plan

As mentioned before the biggest mistake consultancies in any industry are facing is not understanding the client’s needs. If that happens to startups on the hunt for an investor they’re doomed. It’s like a client who doesn’t understand your product – they’ll never buy it. So why should you? Better to stay with a partner who goes as far as to support you with the next step:

#2 Optimizing Your Business Plan

You’ve set up your business plan and I’m sure it’s awesome. But optimizing it for investors is something different. On exceptional consultancy will go all the way with their startups. They’ll sit down with you, discuss strengths as well as weaknesses of your business plan and will help you adapt it in order to get investors on board who not only see the potential of your idea but also share the vision for it.

If you’re thinking “But I put so much work in my business plan – why do I have to do it all over again?!” – first of all: there’ no need to do it all over again. It’s about getting the important parts right. Why? Because it will affect your valuation. Simple as that.

#3 Getting Key Account Clients

With the updated, optimized business plan at hand it’s time to get proof-of-concept. The aim of Brauneis & Partner is to give your business model proof-of-concept before meeting potential investors which is where their networks come in. Getting you in touch with their partners is an essential part for validating your concept and when achieved will increase valuation.

#4 Knowing Who Will Invest

Going in a negotiation with a potential investor can make you jumpy to say the least. Experienced consultants have the advantage of knowing what’s going to happen and therefore being more confident. Sometimes everything’s moving so fast that it’s hard to keep track – very true for new situations like this one. Be prepared and take your consultant to this meeting, they will have your back and match the investor’s needs with yours to get the best result for both.

#5 Using An Extensive Network

Besides a network of investors consultancies also offer contacts to strategically valuable partners. Most of the times these cooperation-partners are from different industries, offering input for different challenges of your startup. From distribution to medical engineering – everything’s possible.

#6 Training Your Pitch

Finally, training your pitch. You yourself may be sick of it already – not because you don’t believe in what you’re saying, but simply because you’ve done it so many times. But don’t be fooled: although the investor you’re trying to interest has an idea of what you’re doing – there’s nothing like hearing it straight from the founder. Passion, vision and drive is what will catch their attention – so get your consultant’s pitch experts to get your ready for the big day!

As you can see, when on investor hunt it’s not necessary to spend all your precious time thinking about the best way to present your startup to an investor. Like with everything in business: you’re not the first one going through this – so get some advice from people who’ve already got some experience for god’s sake!

Choose a consultancy  like Brauneis & Partner that will start walking with you from the first until the last mile. It will pay of when you get the right investor for you on board – and then: jackpot!



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