Infographic: How To Start A Startup In Vienna

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Interested in founding your startup in Vienna? We've put together an infographic that will walk you through the pros and cons as well as the major players of this European startup hub!

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We’re especially happy to finally share the infographic on “How To Start Your Startup In Vienna” since it’s our home base. Let’s check out what this European startup hub has to offer!

Vienna has been named the world’s top city for quality of life for many years in a row. More recently it’s also been named the “up-and-coming early-stage investment capital of Europe“ by TechCrunch. The city’s educational system booms resulting in a highly educated population. There are ca. 190.000 students in Vienna (2015), creating a big pool of potential co-founders and early employees. Moreover, it can be a good target group for your business.

What Founding Your Startup In Vienna Takes

Although Vienna’s not (yet) a European startup hotspot, it has been voted among the top ten destinations for European founders. Furthermore, through various actions, the Austrian government has taken steps to promote Austria’s standing as a country to found in, showing dedication to supporting its entrepreneurial community.

Despite these efforts founding a startup in Austria’s capital also comes with some downsides. One of these is definitely the high bureaucratical struggle you might face. Nevertheless Austria’s, and especially Vienna’s, young people are as eager to start their own companies as never before. Let’s see which players you should approach to make it big!


Infographic: How To Start A Startup In Vienna


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