Infographic: How To Start A Startup In Manchester

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Britain's third biggest city, Manchester, has a lot to offer to startup enthusiasts. Our infographic reveals major players as well as ups & downs of this vibrant startup hub!

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Manchester is believed to skyrocket in the next couple of years, particularly with the help if a campaign launched by Doug Ward (#MCRTop5), aiming to make the city one of Europe’s top 5 destinations for eager startup founders.

Recognized as the second largest tech cluster, Manchester has benefited from the partial relocation of BBC’s HQ in 2011, as well as the discovery of graphene, which was awarded a Nobel Prize in the same year. Technology and science go hand in hand, developing the city’s main areas of innovation. Combined with open-minded, high potentials but without the drawbacks of sky-high prices and crazy speed of life, Manchester presents itself to be an attractive breeding ground for disruptive startups.

Manchester: Startup Hub By The Sea

Starting off with the positive points, establishing a private company online is a 24hour task, costing £15 all while being provided with full governmental support & information. Recently, corporate income tax was reduced to 20% – one of the lowest worldwide.

Continuing in the financial sector, there are more things to be joyful about: living in Manchester is much more affordable than in London, for example, though you still get all benefits of a diverse culture, design, cuisine, and pubs – as you’d expect it to be in the UK’s capital. Furthermore, several types of startup financing are available, including loans, grants, competitions – either locally or nationally.

Manchester also holds a lot of opportunities in case you’re looking for a team – specialists from around the world graduate from local universities, fostering a colorful environment of entrepreneurial talent, ready to meet up & collaborate.

However, it’s not all roses. Funding a startup can become a challenge since the city offers limited access to VCs or Business Angels, who are still in the process of settling in the North-West. Additionally existing as well as emerging programs are tailored to specific industries (tech, digital, media, science) which make it challenging for startups from different sectors to enter.

All in all, Manchester is a city home to an open-minded community, welcoming entrepreneurs and supporting them wherever they can. Convinced? Then check out the infographic below to find out what it really takes to start in this city!

Infographic: How To Start A Startup In Manchester


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