Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Lund

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Without a doubt, Sweden's Lund is one of Europe's innovation & entrepreneurship hotspots. We've created an infographic to show you the city's major startup players & institutions. Take a look:

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Sweden as a whole is perceived as a leader of innovation, and especially in the beautiful region of Skåne, this is true. Located a mere 16km from Malmö, the historical city of Lund combines modern thinking and a well-known and highly respected education & research area. With 90.000 inhabitants, from whom the majority is students, Lund impresses with its charm and universities, educating high potentials of various industries: from creative and entrepreneurship to IT, life science, and media & journalism.

Together with Malmö, Lund is the 4th most innovative regions in the world. Two of the largest scientific research centers in the country, Ideon Science Park & Max IV Laboratory, are located in Lund’s city center proving that the concept of innovation has spread all around the city. Cooperations between entrepreneurs and businesses create a flourishing, dynamic business environment, suitable for creating ideas from scratch and developing them into business opportunities and eventually real industries on the market.

Ups & Downs Of Lund

The existence of a strong cultural, scientific, and educational center represented by Lund University is definitely one of the biggest advantages this city has to offer. These centers prepare a workforce which is highly educated and especially interested in innovative changes in tech, design, and engineering culture.   Overall, Lund shows a well cultivated entrepreneurial mindset, which is promoted by organizations that cooperate in their turn with governmental institutions. This mindset is also displayed in the investment capital available as a large number of entrepreneurs are willing to help the next generation through mentoring or angel investment.

The well-developed infrastructure, good quality of life, and high productivity along with the lowest working hours just seem like an additional “YES!”.

However, as in every city, Lund is also facing possible drawbacks: high housing costs paired with the overall difficulty to rent a space are an obstacle. The reduced reach of the market can be another difficulty young startups might face.

If you’re still interested in founding your startup in Lund, take a closer look at its major players & opportunities:

Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Lund


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