Infographic: How To Start A Startup In Helsinki

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As one of the most cutting-edge economies worldwide, Finland's capital Helsinki is a growing center of innovation. Check out the city's full potential along with major startup players in today's infographic!

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Helsinki is a thriving business hub, located at the heart of the Baltic Sea Region, next to Russia. Its extremely well-functioning business environment boasts one of the world’s most talented workforce and has impressive numbers to show when it comes to investments made in R&D.

The city, famous not only for its design, architecture, and high level of technology is a clean, stable, and secure region with a high standard of living. Due to its peaceful environment entrepreneurs won’t have a hard time focusing but instead can get work done. Finland’s capital is home to some of the most notable startup events in Europe, opening endless networking possibilites.

Helsinki’s Ups and Downs

The city’s international accessibility makes it a thriving hub between East and West, smoothing the way for people aiming for good transportation to and from the EU – be it by sea, air, or the railway.

Another upside is Helsinki’s highly educated talent pool, consistantly ranking the city among the Top 10 in Europe with regards to productivity and global competitiveness. This factor also reflect in the well-functioning business environment which is supported by effective logistics, ubiquitous telecommunication networks, state-of-the-art R&D facilities and high quality public, and private services. The key business ecosystems in Helsinki are CleanTech, ICT, Life Sciences, Logistics, as well as knowledge intensive business services.

However, the current situation of the Finnish economy can hold challenges for entrepreneurs. Taxation, for example, are one obstacle as personal taxes are high – although corporate taxation is average.

Considering the population of Finland, the target audience for your startup might be small, if not intending to go global. Despite that, the city offers a vibrant and innovative ecosystem for startups – one that you could be a part of!

Infographic: How To Start A Startup In Helsinki



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