Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Berlin

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Thinking about founding in Berlin? Or just want to explore the local startup community? Either way, we've prepared an infographic on the local scene that will help you find your way around!

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Berlin: An Introduction

The German capital is constantly evolving and changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but always with strong opinions for or against. In the 1990’s the city became known for its techno scene, which reinvented the city’s reputation as the European party capital. Today, it is still known as an excellent place to party hard all week long – but the city’s also claiming global headlines for a different reason: its startup community. Over and over again Berlin is described as a top European destination for young, hopeful entrepreneurs looking to turn their dreams into reality. While still lagging behind London or Silicon Valley when it comes to venture capital, the entrepreneurial scene is thriving on the credo of the city’s ex-mayor Klaus Wowereit: “Berlin ist arm, aber sexy” (“Berlin is poor, but sexy”).

East & West United

Furthermore, Berlin’s location is quite interesting: compared to Paris or London it’s closer to the Eastern European buzzing talent-pools, such as Poland, Ukraine, the Baltics or the Czech Republic. McKinsey predicts Berlin to provide more than 100.000 new jobs in 2020 and “to become Europe’s leading startup hub”.

But let’s have a closer look at what Berlin or the “EU’s Silicon Valley” as it has been called repeatedly, has in store for its founders:

Infographic: How To Start Your Startup In Berlin


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