Infographic: Founding A Startup In Oslo Visualized

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The fastest growing Nordic country in terms of investment is Norway, and its capital Oslo is leading the way. Check out this infographic for all you need to know to start your business in this city:

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Norway is the fastest growing Nordic country in terms of the number of investments, and Oslo is leading the way in Norway. The ecosystem is growing with increasing exits, flourishing support and grants from governments, new startups and players in the ecosystem, exciting new programs connecting investors, startups & corporations and rising international media attention. The startup community in Oslo is a vibrant one, with co-working spaces & many events popping up around the city. No wonder Norway’s capital is the buzzing hotspot in Europe’s north.

Oslo has seen a growing number of companies closely cooperating or developing incubation, accelerator or business programs with startups. The program ranges form a three-months on-site program designed to grow startups and business, to an intensive 3-months accelerator program for selected tech startups to accelerate their way to their first customer, to opening up a competition for startups in specific verticals.

Companies such as Opera, Telenor, Microsoft, Dell have often taken part in startup events as partners or sponsors, as well as banks such as DNB and Nordea. Norwegian companies such as Statoil, Posten, Storebrand, Hafslund, to public corporations such as the local kommune (county) have also developed programs or competitions to boost the startup community.

Let’s take a look what it takes to found a startup in Oslo:


Infographic: Founding A Startup In Oslo Visualized


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