Infographic: How To Found Your Startup In Milan

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Our Startup City Guide on Italy's biggest hub was already massive. Now it's time to top that with our infographic - find out what there's to know about Milan:

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Just this year Financial Times declared Milan Italy’s biggest startup hub. We went a little bit further to give you advice on everything you need to start your business in this Italian city:

Some of you might experienced that the geography of Italy’s startup scene differs from most countries: While startups have bunched around big cities from San Francisco to London, in Italy it is more spread out.

In a reflection of the country’s postwar manufacturing clusters, startups gathered in all the main cities. Turin, Bologna, Naples and Rome all are startup hubs: however, Milan is the largest. The city has become a destination for startups partly because of the impetus and increase in vitality that followed the city’s hosting last year of the World’s Fair, Expo 2015.

A lot of big corporations have offices in Milan: Microsoft, IBM, Google, Deloitte, Adecco, Gartner and more. This makes Milano a great place to meet your potential clients and not just investors or fellow startuppers. According to Financial Times, in fact, the university prestige, the availability of capital, the excellence of the food industry and high fashion, the cosmopolitan momentum resulting from the Expo 2015, as well as a number of pieces of legislation make Milan the best place to launch a startup in Italy.





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