Infographic: Everything You Need To Found Your Startup In Thessaloniki

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Greece's second biggest city has a lot to offer for young founders. Setting up your company for example, will cost you only 1€! Check out this infographic to get all the details:

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Dear doers, makers, and shakers. Welcome to Thessaloniki. You might be aware of our beloved city for the party vibe and the beautiful beaches of the nearby Chalkidiki. What you might not know is that we also have a super active and fast moving tech community!

Thessaloniki lays on the coastline of Thermaikos gulf and inhabits around 1 million people. The city is founded in 315 B.C. and named after the sister of Alexander the Great. Throughout the centuries it has been home for many cultures including Greeks, Turks, Jews and Romans. Any of them left a twist so that you can hardly not feel at home.

Growing Tech Scene In Thessaloniki

Tech startups that grow here develop products and services mainly for the web, using SaaS business models. Great cases of local products are Book’n’Bloom, Goodvidio and SchooX. Why they are here? Well, they are taking advantage of the everyday human environment, the comparatively low wages, the endless talent of creative locals, and other opportunities such as our world class tech conferences Devit that happens here every May.

Unlike Greek macroeconomics, the local tech scene grows; outperforming the traditional super cool pace of doing stuff here in Thessaloniki. Tech communities have increased exponentially over past years and individual professionals decided to work remotely, living in a calm and highly creative environment.

But let’s take a closer look at the advantages – and disadvantages – of founding in this Greek city as well as where to find the best co-working spaces and where to turn to for funding. Our infographic will give you a great overview on all you need to know:

Infographic: Everything You Need To Found Your Startup In Thessaloniki

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