How To Use The Positive Power Of Passion

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Taking your passion ito a professional level is what most of us would love to do. But life isn't that straight, there are many obstacles that can cross our way hindering us from doing what we love. Don't be disappointed, there is a way!

Passion: blood pumping, heart racing, the solar plexus is on fire! Primordial fire is the creation catalyst, turning solid cold metal into civilization. And most times that fire starts from within.

There are two opposing camps in the professional world, or so it seems. One camp believes that if you do what you love the money will follow. The other camp is of the opinion that you love what you do, you will obtain personal satisfaction. Of course both camps are correct, for different contexts of life. There are some folks who must have the passionate drive infuse every corner of their lives. Take Sir Richard Branson for instance. There is no distinction between work and play – it is all one passionate soup! Fun is the cornerstone of Virgin’s numerous ventures, and The Virgin Group shows how profitable passion in work can be!

So what about the majority of us who have been programmed to view work as not something to be passionate about, but to actually suffer for, and in the ultimate, suffer from? How can we even begin to think of work as fun when as children all generations up to Gen X have been generally taught that you must suffer serious stress to master the world of education and work. Fun? It is almost a huge slap in the face for so many to even consider attempting fun in the world of work. We have almost all been programmed to master a specific profession with barely enough time to eat and sleep.

Fitting Passion Into Work

So how can passion fit into this majority model we have created for all work and no play? For example, let’s take me. I find no passion in physics. Let’s pretend I came from a family of physicists, and by ‘natural’ order my parents go through painful hoops to ensure that I am a physicist as well. I would have the prestige, the money, family satisfaction, but I would be MISERABLE inside. Do I quit and join the circus? Maybe, if I’m willing to be radical. Or, do I find a pastime to put my passion into and so add passion to my life? Even if, say, I decide to be the most passionate soccer mom EVER! Then life is balanced with professional mastery and personal excitement.

This is a personal judgment call. It may be that my higher purpose is the circus! Only the individual would know best. The point is to add passion to life. To have something, or many things that make life sweeter.

I have seen such beautiful quotes on passion and being passionate. “The things you are passionate about are not random; they are your calling” by Fabienne Fredrickson is an interesting one. While callings do happen, so do utility bills. It is understandable that in our lifetime, we may be able to answer the call part-time.

What I do believe is true to form, however, is this:


Treasure your inner passion, your inner fire, which is yours forever.


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