How You REALLY Can Be More Like Richard Branson

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Following up on an Entrepreneur Magazine article we've decided to give you our 10 rules to really be more like Richard Branson. Check it out!

Not long ago Entrepreneur published the article “10 Ways You Can Be More Like Richard Branson”. It collects a number of traits a successful entrepreneur should have and what you can do to become a bit more like the Virgin Group founder. Building a solid network, listening to customers, staying focused and positive being a few of them. Let’s get something straight: I enjoy reading Entrepreneur Magazine and find it really helpful at times. But lists like this one seem rather negligible. Why would you want to be more like someone else rather than make your own (business and life) experiences, learn from them and find out what works for you?

But since there are obviously people interested in becoming more like Richard Branson we’ll take it to the next level: we’re going to show you how you REALLY can be more like him. Let’s have a look!

#1 Get An Ash-Blonde Hair Piece

Obviously that’s the first step to become more like the Virgin Founder. Don’t be afraid of looking older – embrace it. You’ll see the benefits that come with ash-blonde hair: not only is it an evergreen when it comes to hair trends but it also will give you an instant look of wisdom and knowledge – traits that an experienced entrepreneur should definitely show.

#2 Wear A White Shirt And Black Jacket

On the way to becoming more like your idol it’s very important that you follow the dress code. You have to show off that you’re a successful business (wo)man who can afford expensive stuff. But beware! Don’t overdo it, you want to wear this combination to show that you have to be taken seriously but in a very understated way.

#3 Put On Your Smiley Face

Now that you’re done with the clothing preparations we’ll move on to what comes from the inside: a true, sincere and honest smile. Not the one where you rip apart the corners of your mouth to show everyone your teeth like they’re supposed to examine them. Keep it simple, people.

#4 Add A Unique Look To Your Photos

When you’re a known business person because you’ve built your solid network it’s common that photos of you will be taken. I don’t know how you feel about this but for me a bad photo is like..well let’s say it doesn’t brighten my mood. To overcome this obstacle there is an easy trick: practise one pose in front of your mirror until it’s perfect. This may take a while but it’s definitely worth it! Once that is done all you have to do is to apply this pose every time someone holds a camera in your face. This ensures that only perfect photos will show up in search results – also your recall value will be enormous!

#5 Thumb It Up

In most countries “thumbs up” are a positive token, it shows that everything’s okay if not awesome. Since they are such a fine sign (it just had to rhyme!) you can’t use them enough, and there are so many occasions: you sealed a business deal, something went bad but you stay positive, you don’t need that hair piece any longer because you found your first real one or to simply show that your thumbs are still in place.

#6 Show Off Your Fancy Car

As you know, Richard Branson has his own airline. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have your own carriers yet. Until that day comes you can show off your car / bicycle / unicycle / Segway – whatever it is that you prefer. Just make sure that you get the smile and thumbs right.

#7 Use One Company Name

Naming multiple companies can be a complex process for entrepreneurs but there’s no need to worry: Mr. Branson leads the way. Once you’ve decided on a name for one of your startups you can use this for all of them. The advantages are simple: Apart from saving the time you need to come up with 123986124 different names you only need to remember one name for all your businesses and on top of it all you’ll save money because there’s no need to re-do your business cards. Awesome!

#8 Time To Get Your Island

With all that smiling, pose practising and business naming you definitely earned one or two days off. But where should you spend them? The answer is easy: get an island! Preferably in the Caribbean where you can relax, get a tan (matches perfectly with the ash-blonde hair!) and also invite a few of your 5.6 million Twitter followers…just in case the island is too big for you alone.

#9 Bump Up Your Wikipedia Page

A Wikipedia article for you alone. Doesn’t that sound epic to you? Yes? Thought so. Well to give people a little bit more personal information why not enhance it with some of your adventurous spare time activities? The easiest way to do so is to set a world record in about six disciplines. Try finding the most business partners, getting the most funding or the tallest customer.

#10 Become A Knight Bachelor

You’ve got the looks, the attitude, the company name, your island and a Wikipedia page. So..what’s left? That’s right! It’s time to become a Sir / Dame or in other words: a knight. Though you must meet some requirements it’s worth the effort. You get to meet the Queen, have a sword laid on your shoulders and become A FREAKING KNIGHT. You know, like back in the dark age. Awesome.



Note: sarcasm is turned off now. No offense to Richard Branson or the Entrepreneur Magazine with all its contributors intended.

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